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Fujifilm Instax stars in Lily Allen video

Fujifilm Instax stars in Lily Allen video Fujifilm's recently launched instant print camera, the No linkhandler TypoScript configuration found for key tx_ffproducts_product.., has made a starring role in the video to promote Lily Allen's new single, 'Hard Out Here'. Gabriel Da Costa, product manager for Fujifilm, explained more: "Lily is a keen fan of our Instax cameras and was one of the first people to take delivery of the Mini 90. When we were presented with the opportunity to place the camera in her new promo we jumped at the chance. She fits the demographic of Instax users and we see Lily as being a perfect fit for our brand, she's edgy, outspoken and fun." He continued: "The lyrics of Hard Out Here send a positive message against sexism in pop culture and the video takes a light-hearted dig at the overtly sexual images that appear in many promos."

To see the video head to Fujifilm plans to use the video as a platform to build the Instax social media presence, as Da Costa said: "Facebook and Twitter are the perfect shop window for Instax and Lily is hugely popular online with over 4.3 million Twitter followers and nearly 3 million on Facebook. While numbers of Instax followers are rather more modest they are growing steadily, and we see social media as a key part of our marketing mix." Spin-offs from the association include signed stills from the shoot, a behind the scenes storyboard (shot on Instax) and Allen even took time out to sign the actual camera used in the video. All these items will be used as prizes to help promote the Instax range. For further information on Instax go to
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