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United Kingdom

Fujifilm introduces skincare products to the European market

Starting in early 2012, expanding business in several countries


ASTALIFT Skincare Range

ASTALIFT Skincare Range

ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH announces today that it will launch the Astalift  skincare range into Europe from February 2012. Since its introduction in Japan four years ago the Astalift series has earned high user acclaim in this country among women eager to maintain youthful skin. As part of its effort to expand the healthcare business, Fujifilm has initiated worldwide introduction of skincare products, in which the company applies proprietary technologies. After introduction of these products in China in 2010, the European market introduction is planned to start in 2012.

Fujifilm's Astalift series is a comprehensive anti-aging skincare brand, developed by using cutting edge core technologies accumulated over many years of research and development of photosensitive materials. These distinctive technologies include the findings of its own collagen research, anti-oxidization technology and nano-technology. Containing the skin-replenishing collagen and astaxanthin, an increasingly-popular skin conditioning agent approximately 1,000 times more powerful than the coenzyme Q10*1, the products have received overwhelming support from women who seek to maintain the beauty of natural youthful skin since the launch in 2007 in Japan.

The European cosmetics market has shown considerable growth for a number of years. Within the skincare category, demand for anti-aging, brightening and other functional products continues to increase. Awareness on anti-aging skincare is spreading among younger generations as well as among those who suffer from stress-induced and other skin problems. The introduction of the Astalift product line into Europe is designed to respond to the needs of the European customers with age-related skin issues.

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH, based in Duesseldorf, and responsible for the operations in Europe, will  introduce the cosmetics products. A new Business Domain called European Beauty & Health Division has been established for this purpose in order to coordinate all operations in Europe from sales and marketing point of view. Andrzej Brylak has been appointed Director of European Beauty & Health Division and will be responsible for this new business on Pan-European level. In order to prepare for the market introduction and the following business operation, marketing teams in the respective countries have been established. They will work in close cooperation with the European Marketing team based in Duesseldorf. The sales of Astalift skincare products will start in February, 2012 in France, with UK, Germany, and Spain to follow throughout the same year.

“Even though we are entering a market which is new to us, we have good reason to believe in solid growth and enduring success. It is good to know that we have the technological resources at our own command, that we can draw on experience in consumer product marketing, and that we can provide the strength of a global corporation with its worldwide network and shared services” says Junji Okada, Managing Director of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH. “Entering the skincare market is a great chance for us to expand our business in Europe.”

About FUJIFILM Corporation

FUJIFILM Corporation is one of the major operating companies of FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation. Since its founding in 1934, the company has built up a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging, and in line with its efforts to become a comprehensive healthcare company, Fujifilm is now applying these technologies to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the Medical and Life Science fields. Fujifilm is also expanding growth in the highly functional materials business, including flat panel display materials, and in the graphic systems and optical devices businesses.

About Fujifilm in Europe

Nowadays Fujifilm entities operate in over 50 group companies in Europe and employ more than 5,000 people engaged in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service support. Throughout Europe they serve a range of industries including medical, chemical, graphic arts, electronic materials, optics, recording media, motion picture, and photographic technologies. FUJIFILM Europe GmbH (Duesseldorf, Germany) acts as Strategic Headquarters for the region and supports its group companies in Europe by formulating marketing and corporate strategies.

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