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Fujifilm Launch the FDR Xair – The Future of Imaging in your Hands


Jack Scott – Applications Specialist, Fujifilm

A revolutionary portable x-ray system has been launched by Fujifilm in the UK.  The FDR Xair is designed for unconventional and challenging healthcare environments, and is expected to improve community healthcare provision as the NHS strives to deliver services more locally.  The FDR Xair has undergone extensive trials at a UK hospital in 2020, in partnership with NHSi, with results from initial phases due to be reported before the end of this year.

At just over 3.5kg the FDR Xair is a lightweight x-ray generator which is used in combination with a D-EVO II detector, a Console Advance laptop and a stand.  All components pack away into a carry case and the system is designed for use by a solo radiographer.  The solution is fully wireless and has the capability to connect to hospital RIS and PACS systems, or even AI algorithms, utilising Fujifilm’s cloud collaboration platform.  A lithium battery allows the FDR Xair to be operated in environments without electricity, and it can acquire up to 100 images on a full charge.

The award winning, compact design reflects Fujifilm’s camera heritage, offering easy handling and intuitive operation for the radiographer.  The attractive appearance can also mean the patient feels less intimidated by the prospect of an x-ray.  Supported by Fujifilm’s advanced image processing and detector technology, the FDR Xair offers instant, portable imaging in any location at a low dose.

With an aging population and the ongoing threat from the coronavirus pandemic, community healthcare will become ever more important.  The FDR Xair can allow clinicians to examine patients in their own homes, in a care home or in a GP surgery.  This can help avoid the potential risks of patients travelling to large hospitals – whether because they are too frail, they have mental health problems such as dementia which can make travelling traumatic or where there is a risk of infection, from Covid-19 or flu for example.

There is also scope for the FDR Xair to provide instant imaging in emergency situations, both civil and military, either in a first responder vehicle, in a resus room or a field hospital.   Additional operational potential is extensive, and includes prisons, cruise ships, professional sports clubs, events, oil rigs, airports, bomb disposal and forensic work.

“As the NHS transitions to community healthcare hubs and aims to reduce hospital admittance, especially for the elderly, new ways of delivering services will be required”
said Adrian Waller, General Manager of Fujifilm Medical Systems UK. 
“The FDR Xair offers a new way of imaging patients in non-clinical settings and has the potential to transform radiography services.  Not only will patients benefit from community imaging, but hospital radiology departments see a corresponding drop in workload.  Fujifilm has a long tradition of bringing truly innovative and unique solutions to the medical imaging market, and the FDR Xair is certainly going to help our customers consider how they can deliver their services in a different way to meet the changing demands of an aging society.”

For further information on Fujifilm Medical Systems UK please contact:
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