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United Kingdom

Fujifilm launches online support for kiosk and printing products

Fujifilm has expanded its support services to incorporate instructional videos aimed at photo retailers and high street labs.

The company's Imaging Support Services department has set-up an exclusive YouTube channel dedicated to providing free, short, easy-to-follow training videos all designed to help retailers set-up and manage the hardware and software they have bought from Fujifilm.

The newly launched tutorial service, available at, currently features around 30 videos covering a variety of products including minilab printers, ASK printers, Quick Print Station, Wide Format printers, DPC6 & DPC9 kiosks, legacy equipment and instruction on how to make a Wunderbars canvas. Software videos include Smartpix configuration and guidance on how to set-up templates and packages for Easy Studio Print (ESP).

Russ Barlow, Training Manager, explained the launch: "We are always striving to improve our customer support and the beauty of having instructional videos available on the internet is that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A customer can access this archive of training content at a time that suits them and it also makes it much easier for a photo retailer to disseminate the information to their team. Fujifilm remains committed to continuing its face-to-face technical support but we hope this new video service will prove a useful additional tool for our customers."

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