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Fujifilm launches stand-alone website for original photo paper

Fujifilm launches stand-alone website

Fujifilm launches stand-alone website

A world for an original: A website solely for photo paper, where customers can experience the products’ superior benefits and advantages.

In digitized times, it is an extraordinary step – yet more necessary than ever – to create awareness of photo paper in the overall market for photographic products, and to highlight its unsurpassed attributes.

The overall aim is to generate a strong profile for silver halide photo paper, with its own recognizable brand world.

The brand logo ‘Fujifilm Original Photo Paper’ and its motto ‘Make it an Original’ come to life as part of a 360° campaign to create maximum impact.


Another exceptional feature:

Through links to the Fujifilm X-Photographers and the Fujifilm corporate site, the new website will reach a wide range of involved target groups.

B2B viewers can explore the world of silver halide photo paper conveniently on one platform.

Target groups will get deeper insight into the production of silver halide photo paper and the activities of Fujifilm. As a platform, the website will provide extensive information such as (background) stories, tutorials, videos and tips and tricks, as well as invite customers to special events.

Fujifilm is thus creating a central base for all photo paper customers and interested target groups.

An extension to relevant social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will be the next step, in order to establish the brand in social networks and engage younger target groups.










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