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Fujifilm Platinum Sponsors of Symposium Mammographicum 2018


The mood lighting of the AMULET Innovality compliments the ambient lighting of the room and creates a relaxed atmosphere for patients.

Look out for a strong Fujifilm presence at Symposium Mammographicum in 2018 as Platinum Sponsors of the event for the first time.  Fujifilm’s mammography installations across the UK have been steadily increasing over recent years as more and more breast units are discovering that the AMULET Innovality offers a highly advanced mammography system.  The AMULET, with over 1150 installed across Europe, is distinguished by constantly evolving technology and Fujifilm’s commitment to enhanced patient care.

The AMULET Innovality brought the original dual-mode DBT acquisition system to the mammography market, optimised for screening and diagnostic mammography.  S-View software enables switching from tomosynthesis acquisition to 2D imaging with no additional exposures for real workflow and dose benefits, and proprietary HCP technology and ISR iterative processing also deliver proven dose reductions alongside unrivalled 50uM imaging quality. 

Patient experience is enhanced by the patented Fit Sweet Paddle which is a flexible, adaptive compression paddle designed for maximum patient comfort.  Stereotactic and tomo-guided biopsy targeting, with vertical and lateral needle access for faster and more accurate interventional mammography also improve the patient experience.

The AMULET Innovality boasts several new features for 2018.  Contrast Enhanced Digitial Mammography (CEDM) is supported with advanced clinical applications, and delegates can learn more about CEDM at Fujifilms FABI lectures (see below).  New Dynamic Visualization™ II image processing offers intelligent auto-recognition of breast tissue, implant and structural characteristics, delivering greater levels of stability throughout the entire exposure region.  This enhances diagnostic visibility across a wide range of breast morphology.  Breast density analysis which displays detection and measurement data directly from the AMULET Innovality providing a truly seamless workflow is also new.

The Fujifilm Academy of Breast Imaging (FABI) will deliver a series of clinician-led lectures at Symposium Mammographicum offering delegates the opportunity to explore the latest technology, trends and innovations in digital mammography.  Please see the Symposium Mammographicum website for further details and to book your place.


For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit www.fujimed.co.uk, call 01234 326780 or email medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com to arrange a demo 





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