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  •  Fujifilm Printlife ‘My Life’ exhibition has opened featuring leading images taken by the general public that perfectly capture life in Britain
  • The free exhibition takes place in London, Truman Brewery: 24th - 27th October 2019

Fujifilm Printlife has opened the ‘My Life’ exhibition on Thursday 24th October that will run until Sunday 27th October at London’s Truman Brewery.

Displaying 11,000 crowd sourced photos, the photos beautifully capture life through the lens of people in Britain.

‘My Life’ is of the largest crowd sourced exhibitions ever hosted in the UK, and a number of emotive themes and issues emerged and grew around the initial six categories that included ‘My Everyday’, ‘My Fun’, ‘My Tribe’, ‘My View’, ‘My Truth’ and ‘My Adventures’.

With submissions from all corners of the UK, entries display a mix of everyday life, as well as different cultures, roles and identities. One of the most prominent themes that emerges through the exhibition is the impact of current events in the news agenda, such as Brexit and climate change.

Andy Ross, Head of UK Corporate Communications said:

“We have been thrilled with the calibre of entries that have been submitted from across the UK; each one helping make up a larger picture of what the Britain looks like through the lens of the public. The incredible response has shown that there is real value in photography being printed out and showcased outside of social media – it allows us real time to reflect and consider the world around us. As we all know, 2019 has also been a huge year of change in the UK and this has been evident in the submissions we have received and we are excited to be displaying them in the ‘My Life’ exhibition at the Truman Brewery.”

For ‘My Life’, Fujifilm has partnered with The Mix, a charity that provides information and emotional support to young people under the age of 25, through social, online and helpline services. For every photo submitted to the exhibition Fujifilm has made a £2.50 donation to The Mix, meaning with over 11,000 submissions, approximately £28,000 has been donated by Fujifilm to the charity.

Fujifilm public photo exhibitions were first held in Japan in 2006, and in recent years have been held worldwide since to promote the “value of photography” and the importance of taking photos and printing them out. This is the first time it has appeared in the UK.

For further details on the exhibition, visit fujifilm-printlife.eu/london.


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