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United Kingdom

Fujifilm publish brochure on their new FDR AcSelerate Csl


Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare, with a range of constantly evolving, clinically proven, products and technologies designed to assist medical professionals perform efficiently and effectively.  Following the launch of their next generation FDR AcSelerate, Fujifilm have published a brochure outlining the key product benefits and features. The brochure describes how the AcSelerate Csl has become the new pinnacle in diagnostic imaging and provides a streamlined solution that combines dynamic speed and sharp images for an X-ray room of the future.  Full technical details are included, along with colourful images to enhance the readers perception of the system.  It describes the new flat panel detector with Csl scintillator and Fujifilm’s proprietary “Irradiation Side Sampling” (ISS) technology, which combine to provide unprecedented image quality. AcSelerate has been ergonomically designed with both user and patient in mind.  It has a wide range of movement for various examinations, and a weight capacity of up to 250Kg, providing versatility and performance.  Its lightweight ceiling suspension system and tube head provide smooth movement to any position, any angle and any height within the examination room, whilst its 2400mm x 850mm table with adjustable height of 550mm to 930mm from floor makes it extremely flexible for easy positioning and accommodation of patients of all types and sizes. The eight-page brochure also features information on the increased efficiency achievable with AcSelerate’s automated functionality, including Auto-Positioning, Auto-Tracking, Auto-Collimation and Auto-Filteration and how these additional features further enhance efficiency and patient throughput. For a copy of Fujifilm’s FDR AcSelerate brochure, telephone Fujifilm on 01234 326780.
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