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FUJIFILM Recording Media presents at IBC the Archive Solution dternity and new developments in tape storage

dternity Core Processor Tower

dternity Core Processor Tower



Logo: Barium-Ferrite

Logo: Barium-Ferrite

At IBC fair, which will be held in Amsterdam from 10 to 15 September, FUJIFILM Recording Media presents latest developments in storage solutions. Already since 2000, the company has been a leader in development of large-capacity data tape for backup and archival applications. Fujifilm’s NANOCUBIC technology incorporates Barium-Ferrite (BaFe) particles that deliver superior performance and longer archival life compared to conventional metal particle (MP) tape.

Advantage of tape storage

With the need for tape storage growing exponentially each year, the advantages of tape abound. Tape provides high capacity storage in a small form factor, is reliable for several decades, and features secure data encryption. Tape is the most cost effective and greenest form of storage, using zero power when not in use. While maintaining the largest production share of LTO Ultrium tape cartridges in the midrange data storage market, Fujifilm will continue to lead the development of large capacity data storage media with its BaFe technology.

dternity solution for long term archiving

Fujifilm’s dternity offers archiving as a managed service, enabling users to ensure compliance at low, predictable costs. Dternity also provides full transparency of archives an enables a quick data restore when needed. The system stands for a standardized, non-proprietary and fully scalable archiving platform with the state-of the-art archiving techniques and technology translating directly into significant cost savings.
Fujifilm at IBC in Amsterdam: Hall Number 9 Stand Number 9.B04

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