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Fujifilm Releases SYNAPSE® Dose 2.0


Paul Newman – Business Unit Manager Medical Informatics, Fujifilm

Fujifilm’s unique SYNAPSE® Dose 2.0 offers a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing patient radiation exposure across different imaging modalities. It supports radiology procedures and acquisition protocols, and is a powerful clinical audit tool which provides comprehensive patient dosimetric history and departmental data.  Features including alert systems and dose reports help control the dosimetric levels in compliance with the ALARA principle and with reference to the Low Dose Rate (LDR). 

Supporting not only radiologists but also physicists, SYNAPSE® Dose 2.0 automatically and efficiently analyses large data sets that previously have needed to be manually retrieved from DICOM Images, delivering both time and resource advantages.  Since launch in 2018 the system has complied with the European Union Directive 2013/59/EURATOM and continues to develop functionality to support radiology departments in their own compliance.

SYNAPSE® Dose 2.0 provides general and specific dashboards to track key performance indicators (KPI) and measure productivity, record quality assurance and support quality of care.  Developed on HTML 5, the new user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation between patient, study and modality dose information.  It can be utilised as standalone software or integrated in Fujifilm’s SYNAPSE® suite.

 “The new features allow clinicians to navigate quickly and efficiently through patient studies, checking dose information and reviewing the distribution of dose history at a glance” said Paul Newman, Business Unit Manager, Medical Informatics at Fujifilm UK Ltd.  “SYNAPSE® Dose 2 has evolved and improved with the support of specialist partners in the fields of medical physics and radiology, and now offers a complete dose management system which can support the clinical, technical and physics specialists across the radiology department.”

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