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United Kingdom

Fujifilm’s FCR Go2 mobile X-ray unit gathers smiles anytime, anyplace, anywhere!


Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare, with a range of constantly evolving, clinically proven, products and technologies designed to assist medical professionals perform efficiently and effectively.  The company’s FCR Go2, with improved design and functionality, is happily gathering smiles anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Highly mobile with flexible exposure, the FCR Go2 is smart and easy to use, with a large 15” display and a remote control panel.  The lightweight and compact machine provides superb mobility, even in tight spaces, and with a dual motor the FCR Go2 has four acceleration modes as standard. A new brochure is available on the FCR Go2, detailing the key features that make this the ideal mobile X-ray unit for any department.  At the bedside, in the operating room or within intensive care settings, this lightweight and compact unit provides excellent mobility and easy manoeuvrability, even in tight spaces.  The Go2 even has a touch sensor on the front of the unit that will stop it automatically, should it make contact with an obstacle. For a copy of the new FCR Go2 brochure, telephone Fujifilm on 01234 326780 or visit Fujifilm - pioneers in diagnostic imaging and information systems.
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