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Jeevan Gunaratnam

Jeevan Gunaratnam

Jeevan Gunaratnam has joined Fujifilm Medical UK as National Sales Manager.  Gunaratnam, previously with Toshiba Medical UK in commercial services and sales and marketing roles, has held a broad range of senior positions across the healthcare sector.  His experience spans private and public healthcare in the UK and overseas, with both blue chip and start-up companies.  He has served as a non-executive director and finance committee chair of Croydon University Hospital NHS Trust, and as honorary treasurer of the British Institute of Radiology.

Gunaratnam brings an exceptional skillset and an ability to identify customer’s needs and provide solutions.  He says “Healthcare professionals from across the sector are facing very challenging times.  There is huge pressure to maintain quality and safety whilst continuing to improve performance, combined with increased scrutiny on budgets and the need to demonstrate value in all acquisition decisions. Having served on an NHS Trust board I understand the financial constraints facing the public health environment all too well.
The private sector also demands quality, safety and value, but often faces challenges in a different clinical setting, where the criticality of keeping a department open and running can be paramount.  The importance of maintaining a competitive advantage can also never be overlooked and there are high expectations from patients, referring clinicians and corporate clients.
Happily there are solutions to the challenges facing our radiology departments.  Technology can and will deliver the solutions we need.  Fujifilm is arguably one of the greatest innovators in our industry and offers the best technology on the market today.  They have a focus on customer care and a determination to exceed customer expectations that is getting noticed.  I’m looking forward to utilising my experience to help our customers achieve their objectives with creative, innovative and value-led solutions.”

For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit www.fujimed.co.uk,
call 01234 326780 or email medical.sales(at)fuji.co(dot)uk to arrange a demo.

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