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Immunodiagnostics Testing now available from Fujifilm

FDC (Fujifilm Dry Chemistry) Immuno AU10

FDC (Fujifilm Dry Chemistry) Immuno AU10

Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare, with a range of constantly evolving, clinically proven, products and technologies designed to assist medical professionals perform efficiently and effectively.  The company are pleased to announce the launch of their new Immunodiagnostics Analyser, the FDC (Fujifilm Dry Chemistry) Immuno AU10, with Fujifilm’s new Surface Plasmon enhanced Fluorescence (SPF) technology for use in veterinary diagnostics. The FDC Immuno AU10 incorporates high quality fluorescent immunoassay technology and is a point-of-care testing (POCT) sized immunodiagnostics analyser with high reliability and accuracy compared with a laboratory analyser, providing in-clinic immunodiagnostics testing within a small space. Users of the FDC Immuno AU10 can perform automatic measurements simply by inserting sample tubes, sampling/injection tips, or reagent cartridges and pressing the start button. A fully automated measurement is available within 10 minutes of pressing the start button, and all calibrations and measurements are conducted automatically. Small on size and big on performance, the FDC Immuno AU10 has unique technologies that have been integrated into a compact, B4 footprint that provides high quality and accurate test results with point-of-care testing.

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