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Leycol Print switches to Fujifilm Superia for high-quality plate supply

London-based commercial printer looks to boost business with investment in Fujifilm’s Superia LH-PJE plates


Nick Wilson, Commercial Director, Leycol Print


Fujifilm UK today announces that respected London printer Leycol Print has switched plate suppliers and will use Fujifilm’s Superia LH-PJE plates until 2020.

Says Leycol’s Commercial Director, Nick Wilson: “Our contract with our existing supplier was coming to an end and, though we were not by any means dissatisfied with them, we began a tender process to check that we were getting the best possible value for money moving forward.

“Changing plate suppliers – and all that that entails – is not something to be undertaken lightly. You have to organise new supply chains, install new kit and build new working relationships, so our feeling at beginning this process was that we would need to see substantial advantages in moving suppliers to make it all worthwhile.”

For a commercial printer with many clients in the fashion and design sectors, as well as multiple blue chip corporations, Leycol is a printer that prides itself on offering the highest quality. “Quality is integral to our offering,” Wilson continues. “So we decided that if we could find a way to step up quality even more and give ourselves an even greater edge over our competitors, we’d look very seriously at that. As it turned out, not only did we see that clear, requisite improvement in quality when running tests on plates from Fujifilm’s Superia range, but the Fujifilm team was also a pleasure to work with from start to finish – I really can’t praise them highly enough. They made what could have been a laborious process as straightforward as it was possible to be."

Wilson continues: “I would say that the quality of our output on uncoated paper is now five percent better than it was before and that it’s even greater on coated paper. This difference has been noted and commented on by our customers, and it has given us even greater scope to target new business.”

Fujifilm Superia is a complete, integrated solution that supports the reduction of resources in five key areas: materials, labour, energy, water and environmental emissions. The system spans the offset print production process with the aim of optimising efficiency, speed and – as Leycol Print has attested – quality.

Says Keith Dalton, Managing Director of Fujifilm Graphic Systems UK: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Leycol Print to help them, through the Fujifilm Superia range, to deliver products of even greater quality to their existing customers and to explore new markets. We look forward to working with them to grow their business in the coming years.”

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