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Medway Maritime Hospital Chooses Fujifilm FDR Go PLUS Mobile for New A&E Department


left to right: Emma Gould - Deputy General Imaging, Laura Baker - Radiographer, Lorraine Becconsall - Head of Imaging, Daniel Mitrea - Radiographer, Paramjit Beebeejaun - Deputy General Imaging, Craig Burrows – Fujifilm Account Manager, Sheila Curtis - Assistant Practitioner, Bidya Rai - Radiographer, Iain Sims – Fujifilm Senior Account Manager

Medway Maritime Hospital’s new A&E is in the final phase of development, and the Radiology Department have been helping their A&E colleagues to select the best mobile unit for the new emergency department. Following an extensive trial of a number of potential providers, the Medway team decided that the Fujifilm FDR Go PLUS was their preferred mobile. When it arrived in April 2018 not only was it the first DR mobile at Medway Hospital, it was also one of the first installations of the new FDR Go PLUS in the UK.

The new FDR Go PLUS mobile has really saved us a lot of time as we can take multiple images in any of our departments without the need to return to Radiology

said Lorraine Becconsall, Head of Imaging.

We have found we get excellent image quality at a really low dose, and the Console Advance is very easy to use.

The collapsible column and great visibility is really important to me

said Bidya Rai, Radiographer.

The new mobile is so easy to use, very manoeuvrable and a really smooth drive. We also find the detectors are really light, and very easy to handle and position.

Our A&E consultants love having the image by the patient bedside

added Laura Baker, Radiographer.

Whilst the new mobile is predominantly for use in A&E we have been using it across our wards too. I have found that the LED LBD makes it so much easier to see the collimation in bright, sunny wards.

The FDR Go PLUS is the new generation of mobile imaging from Fujifilm, offering a lightweight, slim design with a collapsible column and a smooth, quiet drive. Multiple new user features, including a large touchscreen, custom designed FPD locking slots, additional storage for accessories and a status indicator light combine with Fujifilm’s advance image processing technologies to offer a sophisticated yet simple mobile x-ray unit.


For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit www.fujimed.co.uk, call 01234 326780 or email medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com to arrange a demo



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