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United Kingdom

More advanced features now available from Fujifilm’s Console Advance – the heart of your FDR/FCR System


Fujifilm is a pioneer in diagnostic imaging and information systems for healthcare, with a range of constantly evolving, clinically proven, products and technologies designed to assist medical professionals perform efficiently and effectively.  The company are pleased to announce that their Console Advance now incorporates even more advanced features, making it an ideal option to integrate all your FDR and FCR Systems. Advanced Design – with a new gradation design monitor and intuitive arrangement of operation buttons, helping users check and confirm information quickly and accurately. Advanced Functions – such as ROI image adjustment and auto-trimming, along with additional optional functions including image stitching and precise enlargement, helping users get the best image possible first time, every time. Advanced Image Processing – that automatically recognises the region of interest and applies the optimum image processing parameters to deliver reproducible, high quality images time after time. Advanced Customisation – with a variety of functions for users to personalise the screen to how they like it, including the options to change the position of the buttons or option selection items. Advanced System Expandability – with connectivity to a range of other equipment via the hospital network and being fully compatible with DICOM part 14, Fujifilm’s Console Advance really is the heart of an FDR/FCR System.  For more information on the latest Console Advance, telephone Fujifilm on 01234 326780. Fujifilm – pioneers in diagnostic imaging and information systems.
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