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Musgrave Park Hospital Install Long Length Detector to Support Northern Ireland Orthopaedics Centre


Alex Morris – Business Development Associate, Fujifilm UK; Pauline, Amy, Andrew, David, Gary Strain – Medical Imaging Product Specialist, SMC

The Belfast Trust Orthopaedic Service, based at Musgrave Park Hospital, provides a full range of elective orthopaedic procedures including joint replacement, spinal surgery, and upper and lower limb surgery.  The radiology department required a solution which allowed them to take single exposure long view images, improve efficiency and lower dose.
“We wanted to be able to obtain a whole spine or long leg image on a single shot DR exposure” explained Mary Todd, Superintendent Radiographer.  “Fujifilm offered the combination of a DR retrofit solution with the D-EVO GL long length detector which exactly matched our requirements.”
Gary Strain from SMC, Fujifilm’s agent in Northern Ireland, said
“The FDR D-EVO GL detector delivers a single exposure within milliseconds, significantly reducing the risk of patient movement and improving efficiency by reducing exam times for both patient and practitioner.  The long length detector is approximately the size of three conventional detectors, with a wide field of view to accommodate patients of all sizes without compromising the length of the acquisition.  Fujifilm’s exclusive technologies achieve sharp images at low dose.”
“The new GL detector has delivered a number of significant benefits to our department” said Mary.  “We have seem improved efficiency, lower radiation doses, quicker turnaround time in x-ray and reduced waiting times, especially in busy scoliosis clinics.  The support from Fujifilm for installation and applications was good and we would definitely recommend the D-EVO GL retrofit system.”

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