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New Mobile at Nuffield Health Tees “Turns on a Sixpence”


From left to right: Janet Walton - HCA, Sarah Bowyer - Radiographer, Julie Roberts - Radiographer,
John Casson – Fujifilm Senior Account Manager, Nicola Gregson-Maidwell - Radiology Manager

Nuffield Health have expanded their portfolio of Fujifilm digital imaging systems with the installation of a new FDR nano mobile x-ray unit at their Tees Hospital.  The radiology department had an extensive list of requirements, as Nicola Gregson-Maidwell, Radiology Manager explains.  “I needed a lightweight unit that was capable of producing images of a very high quality and rapidly, to facilitate a smooth and efficient patient journey.  It also needed to be intuitive and liked by all the team, and the cost of the unit had to be attractive too.  We had a lot of expectations and the new FDR nano did not disappoint.”

“All the team love using this mobile – the images are so detailed which aids diagnosis, and they are acquired very quickly thus making a better experience for our patients.  The FDR nano is exceptionally easy to move, and is so light that it moves over all floorings within the hospital with ease.  Like the saying goes “it turns on a sixpence” and this is ideal when imaging in bedrooms and navigating around furniture.  Because it is so small it is also much easier to store when not in use.”

“We have also been able to capture sharper images using a lower dose which is exactly what we wanted from our new mobile.  The Virtual Grid™ and Dynamic Visualization II™ technologies have enabled us to improve our image quality without the need of increased dose to the patient which is ideal.  Our workflow has been improved too as we are able to produce images much more quickly, and the quality of the images from the Fujifilm FDR nano is amazing.”

“Nuffield Health is not for profit, allowing profits to be ploughed back into making investments like this for improving the patient experience.  I chose Fujifilm because of the quality and reliability of their products.  My previous experience of their equipment was excellent and the image quality was the main deciding factor.  Over the years I have found Fujifilm to provide excellent service and their training is first class.  The team were helpful and supportive and worked hard to ensure our FDR nano was on site quickly.”

For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit www.fujimed.co.uk, call 01234 326780 or email medicalsales_uk@fujifilm.com to arrange a demo


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