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United Kingdom

New Mobile is a Hit at “The Vic”


From left to right: Devon Benton – Radiographer, Claire Nicoll – Lead Radiographer, Celerino Matibag - Senior Radiographer Guillermo, Guerra – Radiographer, John Banks - Radiographer

The Blackpool Victoria Hospital, known locally as “The Vic”, has found their new Fujifilm FDR nano mobile x-ray unit is getting maximum usage from the radiology team. “The staff really like using the FDR nano” said Claire Nicoll, Lead Radiographer. “It’s so easy to use, manoeuvre and park - partly because it doesn’t have a powered drive so it’s really light. The detector is also sleek and lightweight, which the radiographers like as it’s easy to handle. The image quality is fantastic because of the Fujifilm Virtual Grid™ technology that allows for considerably lower exposure factors to be used whilst producing excellent diagnostic images.”

The FDR nano is a revolutionary mobile x-ray system that delivers exceptional images on a lightweight, compact cart. Fujifilm’s patented image processing technology and ultra-sensitive D-EVO II detectors means the FDR nano doesn’t require a motorised drive, which allows for a streamlined design that handles with ease and can be used in even the tightest spaces. Full flexibility of movement across the whole unit, including the operating panel and the tube head, makes positioning easy even for sequential radiography.

“Fujifilm worked closely with us to understand our department’s needs” said Claire. “We purchased the FDR nano as a package with a new Visionary Suite room at one of our satellite x-ray sites, and chose Fujifilm because they offered advanced technology and great value for money. They have been friendly, helpful and professional throughout the procurement and installation.”

For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit, call 01234 326780 or email medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com  to arrange a demo


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