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New Mobile Popular at Calderdale Royal Hospital


L to R: John Casson – Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm;  Mojtaba Khorami – Plain Film Radiographer; Laura Huggon – Radiation Protection Supervisor

With Fujifilm equipment installed in three of the four x-ray rooms at Calderdale Royal Hospital, it was a natural choice for the team to consider a Fujifilm model when they needed a new mobile. The new unit was required to cover imaging across a wide range of departments, including the Covid-19 areas and side rooms, SCBU, ICU and other in-patient wards. After careful evaluation, the team decided on an FDR nano to achieve flexible mobile x-ray with great image quality at low dose.

The staff love the new FDR nano and find it light, compact and easy to drive” said Emma Hurst, Service Lead, Plain Film at Calderdale Royal Hospital. “The unit is mostly used in the Covid-19 wards at present, and the team have found it fits into the side rooms really well. We also find the C24 detector a bonus for quick turnarounds in SCBU.

The FDR nano’s unique design means it can be manoeuvred into small spaces and offers easy positioning. Features including castor wheels, a fully articulated arm, slim line design and 360 degree screen positioning offer unrivalled flexibility in tight spaces. Fujifilm’s advanced technology also means the unit doesn’t require a powered drive, which makes it not only quiet and lightweight but also power efficient on a single charge.

The FDR nano is a very compact, well built unit that is super easy and friendly to use and is absolutely perfect for our needs” said Mojtaba Khorami, Plain Film Radiographer. “The similar interface to the other equipment we use meant transitioning to the new mobile was simple, and the image quality and detector sensitivity has been a real game changer for us. We all love the FDR nano as it enables us to acquire good quality diagnostic images with low radiation dose.

Emma and Mojtaba also agree on another important aspect:

The training experience we had with the Fujifilm applications specialist has been amazing, he was so enthusiastic and highly motivated during our training. The service has also been brilliant, with quick response times from engineers.

For further information on Fujifilm Medical Systems UK please contact medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com or 01234 326780 or www.fujimed.co.uk 

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