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Ninewells Mobile Delivers Image Quality and Dose Reduction


Jenna Lyall, Radiographer Euan Clipston, Senior Radiographer at Ninewells

When Ninewells Hospital needed a replacement mobile x-ray unit their search was for a state of the art DR unit that optimised image quality and reduced dose.  The Fujifilm FDR Go with Virtual Grid was the clear choice.  Euan Clipston, Senior Radiographer at Ninewells says “We are really impressed with Virtual Grid - the image quality combined with dose reduction that this technology provides is remarkable.  The mobile is of course used on the wards, but our team now also use the FDR Go in the main X-ray room too so they can utilise Virtual Grid.”

“An example of the advantages of Virtual Grid is imaging NG tubes.  We can now capture the whole chest, including NG and lungs, in a single exposure with a lower dose.  Previously quality was so poor that we could only see the NG tube, and if any additional detail was required then a second exposure was needed. Now the image is excellent and patients receive a single low dose.”

As one of the largest teaching hospitals in the country, Ninewells Radiology Department is also pleased that other clinicians are appreciative of their new equipment.  Shaun Buchanan, Diagnostic Radiographer says “Doctors on the wards really like seeing images as soon as they are taken.  The ability to review images instantly has made the mobile workflow more efficient, and we have found it easier to do repeat images.  The detectors are lightweight and easy to carry.  The mobile is easy to operate and is now used for everything across the department”.

Shaun goes on to say “The Fujifilm training was excellent. Applications made sure that the knowledge was understood before the users started clinical operations, we received all the pre-sales information we needed and have had good post-sales support.”

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