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Putting profit in the frame

New Wunderbars Products From Fujifilm


Putting profit in the frame


Looking to add value to your D&P offering? The makers of the memorably named Wunderbars have a couple of new products in ‘Corner Frame’ and ‘Wunderframe’ to provide an up-lift to your profits


Conjuring up images of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or that infamous billboard featuring an enticingly attired Eva Herzigova, rapid framing solution ‘Wunderbars’ – available to the trade via Fujifilm UK exclusively – is a product that sticks in the memory. You can either sell it to your customers in kit form, or offer it as a ready-made solution complete with a canvas print to add value to your own D&P services.


To re-cap briefly, the wonder of Wunderbars is that this is a fast and easy canvas framing/stretching solution that never goes slack. Wunderbars come complete as spring-loaded corner blocks that simply snap into position, without the need for a mallet or screws. Then it's a case of stretching the canvas around the frame and stapling it neatly into position, ready for handing or selling.


No need to cut corners...


Another innovative and unique profitable product from the Wunderbars’ team is the Corner Frame. These have been designed to brighten up dull corners of your customers’ homes, with both an inner corner frame and an outer corner frame option available.


The inner corner frame is designed to slot into the inside corner of a room or office, is constructed from Obeche wood, and available in natural black or white. The added beauty is that thanks to an interchangeable insert, corner frames are designed to work just like a switch frame. In fact switch frames can be use alongside the Corner Frame to create corner triptych displays.


As regards the second option of the outer corner frame, these are designed to fit an outer protruding corner, and are available in the same material and same colours as the inner corner frame.


“Whether a retailer or mini lab is thinking of presenting this option to their customers ready-made to add value to their D&P services, or simply sell the kit direct, the frames are very easy to assemble,” Wunderbars’ Managing Director Tim Jones explains. “They’re pre-made, so attaching the canvas to the inner insert of the frame is all that’s required.”


Instructions on how to do this are shown via a ‘how to’ web page. Once again, as with the Wunderbars, little or no prior canvas stretching experience is required. Images can then be removed from the frame and replaced with a new image without taking the frame off the wall.


There are three sizes of Corner Frames available: 8x10, 10x12 and 12x16-inches. According to Tim, these sizes represent the image size on each face of the corner, so in effect we’re getting two 8x10, 10x12 and 12x16 in one frame.


From a retail perspective, the fact that the frames come in a protective box that can be re-used to sell the finished canvas, so there is no waste, is further good new. They’re supplied one frame to a box, along with everything needed for its assembly.


“All the retailer needs to do is supply the image,” enthuses MD Tim. “As with most stretched canvas products, margins when selling to the customer should be high – especially for such a unique product. We know of no one else in the marketplace offering a self-made corner frame.”


Wunderbars Hangers can be slotted onto the rear of the frame in order to hang it on the wall. Once again no nails or screws are required. Hangers come in boxes of five or 50.


Framing profits for the trade


The second option covered here is the Wunderframe; an attractive floating frame in a beech finish compatible with the Wunderbars White product.



Again assembly is said to be simple, doing away with all the complicated and difficult canvas float frame techniques. Simply slot your completed Wunderbars canvas print into the frame, slide in the specially adapted pins and you’re done. An added benefit is that the Wunderframe is not attached to the stretched canvas, thus allowing it to contract and expand in the typical Wunderbar ‘constant tension’ manner. The Wunderframe is available in natural beech, black or white, and again Wunderbars Hangers can be used in conjunction with this product.


“This is another unique product and one that can only be used with Wunderbars White stretcher bars,” confirms Tim Jones. “At Wunderbars we focus on the time equals money aspects of canvas stretching. All of our products save time and all of our products can be used and assembled by any retailer or customer with little or no experience of canvas stretching, thus enabling them to turn a healthy profit.”

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