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Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Upgrades Mobile


Michael Wade – Fujifilm Engineer | Andrea Hulme – Lead General Radiographer | Sam Ruderham – Paediatric Radiographer | John Casson – Fujifilm Senior Account Manager | Alex Worsley – Fujifilm Applications Specialist

Fujifilm provided a versatile solution for Royal Manchester‘s Radiology Department when they were looking to upgrade their CR mobile minus the expense encountered when purchasing a new DR mobile. The Fujifilm Go Flex transforms CR mobiles into digital radiography systems using SmartSwitch technology that allows automatic X-ray detection, whilst the small and lightweight D-Evo II C24 detector is designed to be used in neo-natal incubators.  Additionally Fujifilm’s unique Virtual Grid image processing technology also reduces dose by up to 50% which is an important consideration when imaging neonatal and paediatric patients.

“Image quality was a key factor in chosing Fujifilm. The Go Flex was primarily envisaged to be used on our new-born intensive care unit where the dimensions of the detector plate were an influencing factor “ says Andrea Hulme, Lead General Radiographer at RMCH. “ We needed a plate that would sit comfortably within the incubator/ incubator tray and also comply with the Trust‘s infection control policy.  The infection control  and water resistance features of the D-Evo II detector were important to us and we were also aware that Fujifilm had been used successfully in other paediatric centres which was reassuring. In addition, we felt Fujifilm offered value for money with cutting edge technology.“

“The radiographers at RMCH are pleased with the versatility, speed and ease of use that the Fujifilm system offers in the clinical environment. The system was originally purchased predominantly for our neonatal patients; where the ability to view the image almost instantly and prior to removing the plate is a great benefit. With this patient group minimal handling is the aim when it comes to clinical/ nursing care. However, the speed and versatility have also proved to be of great benefit in many other areas around the hospital; our paediatric intensive care unit and emergency department have both praised the system, with both clinicians and nursing staff alike giving positive feedback whenever and wherever it is used.“


For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit www.fujimed.co.uk, call 01234 326780 or email medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com to arrange a demo.

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