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Scarborough Hospital Acquire New Mobile for Covid-19 Response


From left to right: Jack Scott – Applications Specialist, Fujifilm, Helen Webster – Radiographer Specialist, Nigel Betts - Radiographer Specialist, Nicola Walker - Radiographer Specialist

Public Health England supplied Scarborough Hospital with a new mobile as part of their emergency Covid-19 response.  This mobile was to be used predominantly for imaging Covid-19 patients, allowing the department to manage the increased workload created by the pandemic.  The York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust now has three Fujifilm FDR nanos in the fleet, with the other two at York Hospital. 

The FDR nano is well designed for use on Covid-19 wards with its compact size, flexible movement and easy adjustment.  “Our staff claim the FDR nano the easiest x-ray machine EVER to move!” said Neil Robinson, Superintendent Radiographer at Scarborough Hospital.  “The patients like how the machine doesn’t look daunting as it’s so small, and it’s easy to move around the patient, allowing us to position and make small adjustments easily. 

“Our staff love the FDR nano once they know how to use it, and everyone who has used it so far hopes that all mobile machines will be like this one in the future.  Image quality is exceptional as you can perform various x-rays ranging from a hand to an abdomen without any image processing manipulation being necessary.  You can easily save images you had previously rejected, and Virtual Grid™ is also easy and effective.
“We have found the Fujifilm team to be professional and helpful at all times.  Applications and service have been first rate, and we will certainly consider Fujifilm in the future based on our experience with them to date.”

For further information on Fujifilm Medical Systems UK please contact medicalsales_uk(at)fujifilm(dot)com  or 01234 326780 or www.fujimed.co.uk 

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