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Southend University Hospital Transforms Least Efficient Room into Radiographer’s Favourite


Southend University Hospital has transformed an analogue room, which was previously the radiographers’ least favourite, into their outpatient room of choice.  The need to install an additional MRI scanner meant the radiology department needed to temporarily reduce the number of x-ray rooms from 4 to 3, meaning the Trust had to find an interim solution to reduce the impact on patients.  Through working with Fujifilm they have been able to convert what appeared to be a difficult situation into a positive outcome.  By installing a room Retrofit and a new FDR Go mobile, both staff and patients are benefiting and the department has seen improvements to service and efficiency. 

Fujifilm’s Retrofit solution has enabled Southend University Hospital to upgrade their room from analogue to digital; delivering all the benefits of Fujifilm’s imaging technology at a fraction of the cost of a new room.  Proven benefits of the Fujifilm Retrofit solution include 40% increase in throughput per room and 20% dose reduction combined with improved image quality.*  The solution also offers a future-proofed investment for hospitals.  At Southend, the analogue room is relatively new and not due for replacement for a number of years.  When the room is eventually replaced, however, the detector and console from the Retrofit can be re-purposed for use in a new or existing x-ray room or mobile, ensuring the investment will continue to benefit the department well into the future. 

“Having the Fujifilm Retrofit has made a huge difference to the radiographers” said Elaine Ryan, Acting X-ray Superintendent.  “This room was our only CR room and as such not as popular with staff as our digital rooms. It was also restricted in the range of examinations that could be performed; however, because of the improved image quality this technology brings we are now able to perform every type of plain film procedure in this room. This has helped us to improve workflow significantly and enabled us to provide a walk-in chest x-ray service which we would previously have struggled to accommodate.“

Just like the Retrofit room, the new Fujifilm FDR Go mobile with C24 detector is now the go-to solution for mobile imaging. 

“Radiographers love using the FDR Go mobile as it’s so simple and quick” said Lee Shoesmith, Plain Film Reporting Superintendent. “The image quality is excellent and the fact we can now view images immediately means that if repeats are needed, we can do these straight away rather than delay decision-making unnecessarily. The Doctors on the wards love the fact they are able to view and act upon image findings instantly.  In particular this time-saving has made the biggest impact for the neonatal unit which is located at the other end of the hospital from the X-ray department.“

* Based on evidence from Barnsley Hospital and the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, see www.fujimed.co.uk for full reports.

Photo credits L to R: Iain Sims – Senior Account Manager, Fujifilm | Byron Mapi-ot – Senior Radiographer | Blessing Muchemeyi – Senior Radiographer | Lee Shoesmith – Plain Film Reporting Superintendent Radiographer | Kuda Mazendame - Radiographer | Elida Barcelos – Senior Radiographer | Elaine Ryan – Acting X-ray Superintendent Radiographer | Front : Chiara Miselli - Radiographer


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