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Fujifilm Medical Systems, a leading provider of medical informatics solutions, introduces support for DICOM web services including QIDO-RS and WADO-RS in its Synapse® Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) v6.4.


Synapse VNA® is an enterprise-wide medical information and image management solution that serves as a vendor-neutral, scalable, and organizationally aware storage and distribution system for DICOM and non-DICOM objects. The recently released version 6.4 is designed to be a fast and extensible solution for web-based data access that supports RESTful web service implementations of DICOM query (QIDO-RS) and retrieve (WADO-RS) protocols.

"The introduction of DICOM web to the Synapse VNA is a very exciting development for healthcare institutions, providing greater data accessibility than ever before throughout the healthcare enterprise, said Nathan Gurgel, director of healthcare IT marketing, TeraMedica division FUJIFILM Medical Systems. “This means faster, easier access of images and data from the entire organisation through an unprecedented range of applications on any device.”

Synapse VNA 6.4 supports this new standard for DICOM web, a means to query for, structure and transfer medical images between systems, including WADO-RS, a method by which a web client is able to retrieve DICOM objects that match a requested criterion, and QIDO-RS, a method by which a web client is able query for DICOM objects that match specified parameters and returns a list of matching objects and the requested attributes.

Mark Wheeler, senior director of engineering, TeraMedica division FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc. adds "With the addition of DICOM web services to the repertoire of Synapse VNA and the overall medical informatics industry, Fujifilm’s VNA supports the ability for greater access to data mine and analyse a wealth of medical information. In addition, we have observed significant performance improvements which have value to the end users".

The DICOM QIDO-RS and WADO-RS standard is compatible with multiple workflow types, has a mature and stable infrastructure, can access and deliver large data volumes and utilises web standards such as HTTP(s), XML and JSON which are universally supported by modern devices.

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