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Tadworth Children’s Trust Impressed with New Mobile


Jordan Pollard – Business Development Associate, Fujifilm; Alison Kasoar – Lead Radiographer; Heather Strong – Radiography Volunteer; Craig Burrows – Account Manager, Fujifilm

The Children’s Trust is the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury.  At the Trust’s 24 acre campus in Tadworth, Surrey skilled teams of professionals provide rehabilitation, education and community services to children, young people and their families.  The Trust’s medical services and special school give children with the most complex disabilities and health needs the chance to live their lives to the full.

The Trust works with approximately 30 residential pupils who attend the onsite special school, and they also care for children who need short term neuro-rehabilitation usually lasting for 3 to 6 months.  A range of community services including screening, advice, onward referrals and services at the child’s home or school are also provided. 

“Our children and young people require regular monitoring x-rays” explains Alison Kasoar, Lead Radiographer.  “Image quality and dose reduction were therefore key requirements for our new unit, and we were looking for a mobile with a small footprint and easy manoeuvrability.  We have been greatly impressed by the dose reduction we’ve achieved with the Fujifilm FDR nano and the Virtual Grid™ technology.  The combination of improved image quality and a reduction in processing time has also meant the children spend less time in x-ray and have more time for their important therapies and activities.” 

“Because our x-ray facilities are moving to a newly re-furbished but smaller space we decided to transition from a traditional room to a mobile unit” said Heather Strong, Radiography Volunteer.  “We have found the FDR nano very easy to use and it allows us to do the full range of examinations we previously did with a room.  The flexibility of the FDR nano also enabled us to decommission the old room but continue our radiography service whilst the new room was completed.  An added bonus has been the delightful child-friendly graphics supplied by Fujifilm.”

“As a charity we relied on fundraising donations to finance the new unit and a competitive price was essential” said Alison.  “We have been delighted that the FDR nano meets all our requirements and was promptly delivered with excellent support from the Fujifilm team.”

The FDR nano is increasingly popular with paediatric departments.  Not only does the ultra-compact, lightweight cart design allow access and manoeuvrability that a traditional mobile can struggle with, but it is also completely silent to drive as it doesn’t have a motor.  The Virtual Grid™ technology delivers exceptional image quality at significantly reduced dose, and the FDR nano is compatible with the full range of D-EVO II detectors.  The small C24 detector is designed to fit into an incubator bucky for easy neo-natal imaging and is a popular combination with the FDR nano.  As with all D-EVO II detectors the C24 is waterproof, antibacterial, lightweight and ergonomically designed.

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