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Unique Combination of Patient Friendly Features for New Room at University Hospital Crosshouse



Suzanne Bain (Radiographer), Lisa Marley (Superintendent Radiographer), Sara Learmonth (Radiographer), Mani Manivannan (Head of Medical Physics)

When University Hospital Crosshouse in Kilmarnock started to investigate options for their new x-ray room there was one contender that excelled from the outset.  “Our first site visit was with Fujifilm and we were really impressed with the equipment” said Lisa Marley, Superintendent Radiographer at Crosshouse. “From then on every site visit was compared to the FDR Visionary Suite.  Whilst some of the other manufacturers we saw had similar features only Fujifilm offered the combination we desired. The FDR Visionary Suite also had some additional patient-friendly features that we liked, such as the plastic ‘guard’ on the table that prevents a patient’s fingers being trapped when the table is moved.

“The real stand out feature which has been of great value for us was the three detector configuration.  The FDR Visionary Suite has three detectors as standard, whereas other manufacturers could only offer a third detector at additional cost.  Because the wireless detectors charge in the buckys we never need to remove a detector from the upright or table bucky to perform an examination such as an AP chest.  This means the risk of any accidental damage to a detector is significantly minimised and it also reduces the amount of manual handling for the radiographers. 

“The image stitching feature we selected has also reaped significant benefits. Imaging time for our long-leg and scoliosis patients has been significantly reduced compared to the previous CR system that was time consuming for both patients and radiographers.  We are now able to image a long bone in one exposure (ie. a full length femur with hip revision prosthesis), a feature which is also appreciated by our Orthopaedic surgeons.

“The Virtual Grid™ software is already delivering dose benefits for our patients.  We are currently performing an audit to assess dose in pelvis and abdomen examinations where we would have previously used a stationary grid, and we expect the results to show a combination of improved image quality and reduced dose.

“The installation of the equipment was quite a painless process even though we chose to relocate the upright bucky to the opposite side of the x-ray room.  The Fujifilm applications specialist was fantastic and helped us to customise the room to suite our practices, and our staff are all really keen to work in there even though it’s the furthest away from our waiting area.  We have selected Fujifilm for the imminent refurbishment of our two A&E x-ray rooms and we’re all looking forward to those coming soon.”

For further information on Fujifilm’s products, please visit www.fujimed.co.uk, call 01234 326780 or email medicalsales_uk@fujifilm.com to arrange a dem.


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