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United Kingdom

Professional Cameras

GF670 Professional

Medium Format for Outstanding Image Quality

The generous film size of the 6 x 7cm and 6 x 6 cm formats makes possible images of exceptional quality. Even at large print sizes, photos are sharp, detailed, and true to life.

Two Formats in One Camera

With the GF670 Professional, it's easy to change between 6 x 7cm and 6 x 6cm formats. A single switch changes both the bright line frame in the viewfinder and the film counter.

High-Resolution Optics for Sharp, Natural Photos

The Gauss-type EBC Fujinon lens employs six elements in four groups. State-of-the-art optical technology assures outstanding sharpness, contrast, and colour balance for those beautiful and natural images.

Bright, Clear Rangefinder

Focussing is easy and precise thanks to the bright, clear double-image rangefinder. The viewfinder is parallax-corrected, and the display automatically changes with the film format selected.


For More Information, including Technical Data and Where To Buy, please visit the GF670 Professional Website

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GF670W Professional

55mm lens for detailed, dramatic wide-angle photography

Responding to many user requests for a wider version of the GF670, the new GF670W features a newly designed 55mm wide-angle lens for breathtakingly sharp images.

Compact yet highly durable thanks to its fixed-mount design, it’s ready to expand your enjoyment of medium-format film, from snapshots to landscapes and mountain photography.

1:4.5 f=55mm EBC FUJINON LENS

The 55mm Fujinon lens is wideangle, and designed symmetrical that utilizes 10 elements in 8 groups for minimal distortion. Careful correction of astigmatism* assures consistently high image quality across the entire frame.

Small in size, big in performance, it’s a lens that will bring new clarity and detail to your wide-angle photography.


*A lens aberration that causes points to be rendered as ovals or lines.

For More Information, including Technical Data and Where To Buy, please visit the GF670W Professional Website

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