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Sensor and technology

D-SLR level image quality in a compact body

X-Trans CMOS

  • APS-C Image Sensor
    23.6 x 15.6mm
  • Micro Four Thirds
    17 x 13mm
  • 1-inch
    13.2 x 8.8mm

Capture each strand of hair in crisp detail.

Thanks to the hi-tech X-Trans CMOS sensor architecture that eliminates the need for an optical low-pass filter (OLPF) and integrates FUJFILM's originally developed color filter array, the FUJIFILM X-M1 reproduces scenes with resolution and clarity rivalling a larger sensor.

Conventional Array

Repeating pattern in the case of an array of 2 x 2 pixel units.

New Filter Array

Higher degree of randomness with an array of 6 x 6 pixel units.

The X-Trans CMOS sensor incorporates FUJIFILM's own colour filter array with a highly random pattern, eliminating the need for an optical low-pass filter (OLPF). These filters are traditionally used in conventional systems to inhibit moiré at the expense of resolution. The X-Trans CMOS sensor array lets the sensor capture unfiltered light from the lens, achieving an unprecedented level of resolution.

The importance of a large sensor

Why a larger sensor is more important than the number of megapixels a camera has

High Sensitivity for noise-free and blur-free photos even in low light.

The high sensitivity performance of the X-Trans CMOS sensor and EXR PROCESSOR II lets you capture low-light scenes with crisp clarity, free from noise. Turn up the sensitivity and capture dynamic scene with confidence, even in dark conditions. You can shoot without a tripod and without fear of camera shake ruining your results.

  • Exceptionally low noise even at high sensitivity.

Inimitable FUJIFILM colour.

FUJIFILM's excellent colour reproduction quality is the fruit of its 80 year photographic film background. From beautiful soft skin tones to the deep azure of the skies, FUJIFILM captures each scene just as your eye sees it and saves your memory as an exceptional photo.

ISO Sensitivity

ISO100 - 25600 Sensitivity setting range

Select from a broad sensitivity range of ISO100 - 25600 for full 16-megapixel resolution image capture. The FUJIFILM X-M1 also lets you set the AUTO ISO range (up to ISO 400 - 6400) and the shutter speed limit. For quick access to ISO settings, you can assign this function to the Fn or Q Button.

High-speed Response Keeps You in Synch with the Moment

From the instant you spot your shot and switch ON your FUJIFILM X-M1, its high-speed performance will ensure the magic of the moment does not escape your lens.  

Capture moving subjects at 5.6 fps (max. 30 frames**)  high speed continuous shooting

Ideal for shooting children, pets and other subjects that seem to be constantly on the go, this built-in function lets you record a burst of up to 30 frames at a speed of 5.6 fps and then select the best shot.

Quick Start Mode

From SLEEP to ON in about 0.5 sec. After turning OFF the power, the FUJIFILM X-M1 enters a "sleep" mode (for a maximum of 24 minutes). If the power is turned ON during this time, the FUJIFILM X-M1 "wakes up" instantly, reducing the normal start-up time from 1.0 sec. to approx. 0.5 sec. ready for you to frame and capture the moment.


Focusing Mode Selection

Go to the Shooting Menu to choose the right Focusing Mode for the scene (Manual, Auto Area, Area Selection AF, Continuous AF, Auto Tracking AF).

Selectable AF with a 49-point Metering matrix

Within the 49-point matrix of the auto focus area on the screen, AF accurately and swiftly recognises the primary subject and brings it into crystal clear focus. It also lets you freely select the position of the AF frame. Using the LCD monitor, you also can change the AF frame size and pinpoint the focus point.

Manual Focus

The distance index bar displayed on the LCD together with the depth of field scale and aperture value provide helpful guides for focusing.

Focus Peak Highlight function for sharper manual focusing.

When manually adjusting focus, this function highlights in high contrast the area of your composition in focus and allows you to see this change as the focus plane changes for smoother and more precise fine tuning of focusing.

AF Assist Lamp for Low-Light Scenes

In low light scenes when even the subject is hard to see through the viewfinder, AF Assist Lamp illuminates the subject and assists Auto Focus.

Effortles photos with Advanced SR AUTO

Advanced SR AUTO

Advanced SR AUTO automatically optimises shutter speed, aperture and other settings. It instantly recognises 58 scene types and then selects the most appropriate settings. All you do is frame, press the shutter and enjoy pro-class photo quality.

  • * 54 scene types with non-OIS lens attached

Versatile Shooting Modes & Mode Dials

In addition to a wide range of shooting modes, the FUJIFILM X-M1 offers a selection of versatile scene positions that ensure optimum results no matter what the scene.

Advanced SR AUTO
Advanced SR AUTO automatically optimises shutter speed, aperture and other settings. It instantly recognises 58 scene types and then selects the most appropriate settings. All you do is frame, press the shutter and enjoy pro-class photo quality.
  • * 54 scene types with non-OIS lens attached
The easiest mode for taking pictures. Use this for everyday photography.
Advanced Mode
  • Advanced Filter
  • Multiple Exposure
Scene Position
Ensures the optimum camera settings are used to perfectly match the scene being shot. Frequently used modes such as Sports, Landscape, and Portrait can be swiftly selected with the Mode Dial.
Program AE
Automatic mode which allows you to specify the settings except for the shutter speed and aperture settings.
Custom mode for user's settings.
Shutter Priority AE
An automatic mode to set the shutter speed.
Aperture Priority AE
An automatic mode to set the aperture.
This mode gives you much more control over settings that cannot be altered in Auto mode.
Perfect for portraits, skin tones are softened and  the overall look is enhanced.
Faster shutter speeds are employed to help you catch the action perfectly.
For shooting scenes in daylight and capturing clear and sharp shots of buildings and mountains effectively.

A Host of Scene Positions to choose from

Smile & Shoot
Automatically triggers the shutter button and takes a photo only when smile is detected.
Mode for shooting evening and night scenes. A picture is taken with a slow shutter speed.
Night (Tripod)
Clear shots of twilight scenes using tripod.
Effective for taking shots of fireworks with a slow shutter speed.
Capture sunset scenes vivid in colour.
Suited to snow scenes to avoid darkened images or the whole screen appearing white.
For clear shots of people avoiding typically  darkened images in strong sunlight.
Best for shooting at night at indoor weddings or parties. Retains the natural ambience in low-light conditions.
Capture clear close-up shots of blooming flowers rich in colour.
Clear shots of letters on a document or white board.

RAW Shooting

In-camera RAW Converter

The FUJIFILM X-M1's built-in RAW data converter lets you view and edit your results without the need for your PC. The conversion of RAW data not only takes into account exposure compensation, white balance and other in-camera image quality control settings, but also lets the user apply Film Simulation modes in the converter mode.

Special FUJIFILM X-M1 RAW Conversion Software Included

For the management, viewing and conversion of RAW image data on your PC, you will find a special FUJIFILM X-M1 version of the powerful and easy-to-use RAW conversion software powered by SILKYPIX® included in your camera box.

Fn button

Fn button for one-touch access to frequently used functions

Assign any one of the following frequently used functions to the Fn (Function) button and enjoy smooth one-touch controls during shooting:


Full HD Movie x Film Simulation Mode

With the flexibility of the FUJIFILM X-M1's interchangeable lenses, you can capture Full HD movies (1920 x 1080) and take advantage of the unique optical character of a wide selection of high-quality lenses. The combination of the large sensor and bright XF and XC lenses also lets you capture movies with a large, beautiful "bokeh" background. For more impact, you can add MONOCHROME or one of FUJIFILM's original Film Simulation modes and create impressive movies.

Even when shooting moving subjects, Auto Focus keeps the action in sharp focus. And if you are shooting scenes while walking, image stabilisation can minimise blur***.

Make Cinema Magic with FULL HD Movie x Film Simulation


True-to-life natural tonality and colour reproduction.


Shoot Full HD Movies in the vibrant colours of Velvia.


Capture the action in richly expressive monochrome tones.

One Touch Movie Recording Button

A one-touch Movie Recording Button enables you to capture all the action in Full HD.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * When QUICK START mode set to ON.
  • ** Max. number of frames can be shot in JPEG setting. Class 10 SD memory card with a write speed of 10MB/secend or better is recommended.
  • *** When shooting with the XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 lens with built-in optical image stabilisation.