United Kingdom

Design and accessories

Part of a complete system, the X-Pro1 is supported by a suite of accessories that complement its elegant retro styling.

Quietly confident classic design

With its traditional aperture and shutter speed controls to the precision made metal body, the X-Pro1 is a camera that inspires confidence as soon as you pick it up.

It’s elegant, understated design is a joy to use, and doesn't attract attention – perfect for street photography, reportage and travel. A hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder allows you to get involved with your subject as you compose the scene in front of you.


From the moment you pick up the X-Pro1 you’ll enjoy the combination of superlative build quality and instinctive design. Complement yours with a range of accessories that enhance handling and add functionality.

Hand Grip HG-XPro1

Metal Lens Hood

  • * A lens hood is included with each lens.

Hotshoe mounted flash EF-X20

Leather case LC-XPro1

Protector Filter PRF-39 / PRF-52