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United Kingdom

Design / Operability





Design inherits FUJIFILM X-T2’s philosophy

The FUJIFILM X-T3 inherits FUJIFILM X-T2’s popular design features such as the positioning of dials on the top panel, central viewfinder style for added sense of stabilityand excellent grip design for comfort.

Silver as standard colour

The silver colour features a more classical tone compared to graphite silver, which was a limited edition for previous models. Its styling, similar to that of traditional film cameras, is combined with outstanding practicality, making it a piece of photographic equipment that will be a pleasure to own for many years to come.

Lockable EVF’s diopter adjustment dial

The EVF’s diopter adjustment is lockable and can be adjusted by pulling out and rotating a diopter knob, so as to prevent unintended adjustments while carrying the camera.

Touchscreen panel tilts in 3 directions

The FUJIFILM X-T3 uses a touchscreen panel with higher contrast, wider viewing angle and better operability than those in previous models to enable intuitive operation.

Improved dials and buttons

The FUJIFILM X-T3 inherits FUJIFILM X-H1’s features such as large top-panel dials / rear-panel buttons and comfortable clicking touch of front and rear command dials.

Headphone jack

A headphone jack is provided on the camera body so that all accessories required for video recording, such as microphone and HDMI devices can be centrally connected to the body for added mobility in videography.
The terminal cover is removable providing easy connectivity for HDMI cables, microphones & headphones and the USB terminal supports USB-Type C (USB3.1 Gen1) specifications.

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