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United Kingdom

The world's first weather resistant camera in its class

Shoot where you want, when you want without the worries about the weather, season or general shooting environment.

Weather Resistant

The world's first weather resistant (water resistant and dust resistant ) structure in its class*. The lens-body integrated design and sealing on approx. 70 areas are designed to allow field photography without typical worries about the weather, season or general shooting environment.

Electronic Viewfinder

The FinePix S1 boasts a high-resolution (920K-dot) electronic view-finder, making it easier to frame subjects and check focus in bright daylight conditions.The bright EVF accommodates a traditional shooting style, making it easy to steady the camera, even when shooting with the 50x zoom fully extended.

Bright 3.0-inch (approx. 920K-dot) vari-angle LCD monitor

  • Low-Angle
  • High-Angle

For high angle shots that look out over a crowd of people to low angle shots that capture flowers close to the ground, you can take photos and movies from a wide variety of positions, comfortably.

Side lever & instant "zoom-out button"

The camera features a side lever that allows you to smoothly operate the zoom lens.
At a flick it lets you zoom back out to see your full composition. This leaves your right had free to operate the shutter button.
There are two levels of Zoom speed that the user can select between.
Subjects can be zoomed in quickly with zoom speed of 2 seconds (W⇔T) in the high-speed mode.



  • · Sample photos are simulated images.
  • * Among lens-integrated cameras with more than 50x optical zoom (as of November 2013, based on Fujifilm data)