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26x optical zoom lens

From seriously wide angle to powerfully telephoto

The FinePix S3300’s 26x optical zoom covers a focal length range equivalent to 24-624mm on a full-frame digital camera. That’s wide enough to take in stunning landscapes and interiors, and powerful enough to get close to the action with just a flick of the camera’s zoom switch.

  • 24mm wide angle (1x)
  • 240mm telephoto (10x)
  • 624mm super telephoto (26x)

The S3300’s zoom range starts with the equivalent of a 24mm wide angle lens, which allows you to get more into the frame – great for group shots in enclosed spaces, or shooting landscapes with loads of foreground detail.

Moving from wide angle to telephoto focal lengths is smooth and seamless thanks to a 42-step motorised zoom.

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14 megapixel resolution

Capture photographs that are full of detail, colour and depth. The FinePix S3300’s 14-megapixel CCD sensor delivers pictures that can be printed at large sizes for maximum impact, or cropped during editing without losing image quality.

Electronic viewfinder

Choose between live-view composition on the camera’s view screen, or a highly responsive electronic viewfinder for a different way of working. The FinePix S3300’s eye sensor switches between the two modes automatically as you raise the camera to your eye.

Image stablisation for blur-free photography

Camera movement can ruin pictures shot in low-light conditions or at long zoom settings. The FinePix S3300’s dual image stabilisation irons out ‘camera shake’ to give you pin sharp results.

  • Conventional Digital Camera
  • FinePix S3300

High ISO sensitivity

Shoot hand held in low-light conditions without the aid of flash by raising your FinePix S3300’s ISO sensitivity. A maximum level of ISO6400 lets you tackle the most challenging conditions, and work with fast shutter speeds to freeze motion dead.

  • * At ISO3200 and 6400, the number of recorded pixels is limited to a maximum 3 megapixels. At full resolution (14 megapixels), sensitivity is limited to a maximum ISO1600.

HD-video capture

Leave the camcorder at home and capture HD video with the same camera you use for still photography. The FinePix S3300 can shoot video and stills in 16:9 format – perfect for sharing with friends and family on your home HDTV.

Photo shooting

Capture high-resolution images in 16:9 format (4288 x 2416 pixels, 3072 x 1728 pixels, 1920 x 1080 pixels).

Movie shooting

Capture high-resolution movie clips in 16:9 format (1280 x 720 pixels).

HD Image viewing

Connect your FinePix S3300 to your HDTV with an ordinary HDMI cable, and enjoy the full impact of your movies and pictures in glorious high definition.

  • * Direct connection from the HDMI Miniport (camera).


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.