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Six-scene SR AUTO

With Fujifilm’s SR AUTO scene recognition technology, your FinePix S3300 will choose the right scene mode for the subject you are shooting. All you have to do is concentrate on taking pictures.

After analysing your composition the camera selects one of six scene modes: portrait, landscape, night, macro, night portrait, and backlit portrait.

The S3300 tracks faces around the frame and optimises focus, exposure and white balance towards them.
The S3300’s landscape mode adds depth to a scene by enhancing the blues and greens of the sky and vegetation
Shutter speed and ISO sensitivity are adjusted automatically, producing blur-free pictures with minimal noise.
Sets very close focussing distances and renders small details accurately.
Night Portrait
The FinePix S3300 balances flash and ambient light for a well-exposed subject and background
Backlit Portrait
Recognising when backlighting may cause silhouetting, the S3300 compensates to ensure a well-exposed result

Face detection

Face detection senses people in the frame and locks on to them. Exposure and focus are prioritised towards your subject for a perfect result.

  • Conventional Digital Camera
  • FinePix S3300

Red-eye removal in detected faces

If the S3300 detects red-eye in any pictures (caused by using direct flash in dark conditions) then it removes it for a more natural result.

Instantly detect up to 10 Faces

Up to 10 faces can be recognised in a photograph. Zoom in on each person in a group shot with a single press of the zoom-up button. Each face can be saved to memory card as a separate JPEG file.

Face recognition

The FinePix S3300 not only detects faces in the frame, but also recognises who is who. Register up to eight people in your camera and the next time you take a picture of them it will bring up their name. Registered faces are prioritised over non-registered faces when it comes to exposure and focus. What’s more you can search for the names of your friends when playing back pictures.

Blink detection

Don’t let someone blinking ruin that treasured group shot. If the FinePix S3300 detects someone blinking in a picture it will tell you, so you can re-take the picture.

Smile and shoot

Never miss that special moment – just engage the S3300’s smile and shoot mode and the camera will fire itself when it detects your subject is smiling.

  • Conventional digital camera
  • FinePix S3300


  • * Depending on the scene conditions, face detection performance may vary.
  • * Sample photos are simulated images.