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Motion Panorama

Take panoramic photographs as easily as one, two, three. In Motion Panorama mode, the S3300 stitches together up to three consecutive pictures to form a single long, thin, panoramic image. Simple in-frame guidance even helps you align each shot to ensure the proper overlap.

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Super macro mode

Discover the world of close-up photography with the S3300’s super macro function. Get as close as 2cm away from your subject.

Tracking autofocus

Keep fast-moving subjects in the frame and in sharp focus, even at long zoom settings. A great approach for dynamic close-up shots.

Instant zoom

Shoot a subject at 1.4x or 2x digital zoom, but compose using the full area of the sensor, so you can see what is outside the frame. Great when you are trying to track objects that are moving around erratically.

  • * The camera model in the flash is a sample image.
  • Conventional Digital Camera
  • FinePix S3300

Zoom Bracketing Mode

Take three shots at varying degrees of digital zoom with a single press of the S3300’s shutter release. The camera creates three versions on the image – one full frame, one at 1.4x crop and one at 2x crop – saving you time later on when you are editing pictures on your PC or Mac.

  • * The camera model in the flash is a sample image.

Versatile shooting modes

The S3300 combines ease of use with creativity in form of 17 scene modes, which choose the right camera set-up for the subject you are photographing. Select from landscape, portrait, night, macro and a whole lot more. Or perhaps you want to take more control over your camera, and learn the principles of photography? A full range of manual and semi-automatic modes allows you to control the shutter speed and aperture setting in use.

Mode dial positions

Automate every function of the S3300, for when you just want to think about shooting.
Have the camera analyse the frame you are shooting and select from six subject-based scene modes.
Scene Position
Manually choose one of 17 scene modes according to the subject you are shooting.
Motion Panorama
Take three consecutive shots and the S3300 will stitch them together as a long-thin panoramic picture.
Use your FinePix S3300 to record high-definition movie clips with digital sound.
Set up your camera just as you want it and assign those settings to the Custom setting for instant recall.
Take complete control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO, as well as other settings like focus and white balance.
Aperture Priority Auto
Set the S3300’s aperture and the camera will pick a corresponding shutter speed to match.
Shutter Priority Auto
Choose the shutter speed you want to use and the camera will select the right aperture - great when you want to control motion blur.
Program Auto
Automate the two main exposure variables, shutter speed and aperture, but keep control over other functions, like white balance, focus mode, etc.

A Host of Scene Position

Zoom Bracketing
Record three images with a single press of the shutter button, each with a different zoom ratio.
Natural Light & with Flash
Shoots 2 images continuously, without flash and with flash. Comes in great handy during marginal shooting situations.
Natural light
Make the most of ambient lighting and capture the atmosphere of night and low-light scenes.
Soften skin tones and get a more natural look in portraits and people pictures.
Baby mode
Ideal for their early years! Baby mode take the hard work out of child photography.
Automatically triggers the camera when a smiling subject is detected.
Great for landscapes wherever you are – town or country. Colours are punchy and shots are full of detail..
A fast shutter speed and continuous autofocus are used to track moving objects and freeze them in the frame.
Great for landscapes and street scenes when light levels get low. A slow shutter speed records ambient light.
Night tripod
Set your S3300 on a tripod and open the shutter for a long time to record as much ambient light as possible.
Capture the amazing colours and patterns of fireworks as they track across the sky.
The S3300 adjusts white balance and exposure to capture the perfect sunset picture every time.
Perfect for the slopes! Shoot well-exposed snow scenes even in the most challenging conditions.
Capture well exposed images even in the harsh midday sun – great for family holidays.
Retain the atmosphere and ambience of of an occasion, even in low-light conditions.
Combine close-focusing with punchy colour reproduction – perfect for those fine-art flower pictures.
Use the S3300 as a photo notebook, capturing posters, noticeboards and menus in a clear, high-contrast image.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.