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Small on size, big on features

The FinePix S3300 packs a lot into its small lightweight body. A motorised zoom lens – covering the same range as a 24-624mm zoom on a full-frame camera – sits in front of a 14-megapixel sensor.

Controls are intuitive, falling naturally under your fingers when you pick up the camera.

3.0-inch LCD screen

A three-inch LCD screen is used to compose shots, review pictures and navigate through the camera’s menu functions. See the world in fantastic detail, thanks to 460,000-dot resolution.

Picture tagging and easy web upload

Fujifilm’s tagging technology lets you flag specific images, making them easier to find when searching and quicker to upload to picture-sharing sites on the internet.

Easy uploading to YouTube and Faecbook via MyFinePix Studio

With Fuji’s easy web upload technology it’s easier than ever to upload pictures and video clips from your FinePix S3300 to Facebook and YouTube.

  1. 1. Shoot pictures or HD-video with your camera as normal
  2. 2. Tag those files you want to upload to Facebook or YouTube while you are reviewing them on the S3300’s LCD screen
  3. 3. Connect your camera to a PC running MyFinePix Studio software and new tagged files will be recognised and uploaded to the right website automatically. No hassle required.

Rank your favourite pictures

Assign stars to your pictures while you are reviewing them on the S3300’s LCD screen, giving your favourite images a five-star rating!

Photobook Assist

Photobooks are a great way of sharing your images with family and friends, and you can start to make one right in your FinePix S3300.

Search or browse for the pictures you want to include and save them in a special ‘photobook’ folder. When you get home and connect your camera to MyFinePix Studio software you’ll be able to finish off the book and order it on line. Or why not take your camera into your local high-street photo processor and order your photobook in person?

  • *1 MyFinePix Studio is required to be updated through Internet to use this function.
  • *2 Print service availability depends on region.

Learn more

Discover more about Fujifilm's Photobook Assist function

Technology Movie

Playback functions

The FinePix S3300 isn’t just good at shooting pictures, it’s great for viewing them too. Enjoy your images and movies on the camera’s large LCD screen, and use its search functions to sort through massive libraries of images, picking just those you want.

Image search

There can be hundreds of pictures on a memory card, but the S3300’s image search function makes finding the one you are looking for easy. Search according to date, face, scene and media type.

By date

Sort by time and date, great for finding pictures from specific events and occasions.

By face

Filter your image library according to the number of faces the camera has detected. Select group shots, couples or solo portraits.

By scene

Search for images shot in SR AUTO scene recognition according to the scene mode chosen by the camera.

By type of data

Refine your image search by media type: still photo, editing photo, or HD-movie clip.

By favourite rank

Search for pictures according to the number of stars you have assigned while reviewing them in camera.

By upload mark

Quickly identify those pictures or movie files which you have labeled with a Facebook or YouTube easy web upload tag.


Use the S3300’s face detection technology to playback individual face shots from a group photograph in slideshow style.

Red-eye removal during playback

If the FinePix S3300 detects and removes red-eye in pictures taken with flash in low-light conditions.

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Micro thumbnail view

View up to 100 pictures at a time in a 10x10 array of thumbnails. Great for browsing through large numbers of photos for that one special shot.

4x AA batteries

A readily available power source; no bulky chargers required.

SD/SDHC memory card slot

The FinePix S3300 uses SD or SDHC memory cards, giving you plenty of room to store hundreds of pictures and hours of video.


  • * Sample photos are simulated images.