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Stylish, yet functional design

FUJIFILM’s top quality Japanese engineering is evident from the high precision components used and the perfectly placed controls

A design inspired by traditional film cameras

The design of the X100S resembles the cameras of the film age, and there is wisdom that has been passed down behind it. This gives the X100S commonality that transcends the ages. The X100S is designed to enable you to “quickly” capture that moment you wish to document.

Compact body

The exceptional performance of the lens, viewfinder and rich functionality are all packaged into a compact body that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Precision-milled metal ring and dials

The FINEPIX X100S features high precision parts including the aperture ring, shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial which are all milled from solid metal.

Die-cast magnesium top and base

Made from strong, yet lightweight, die-cast magnesium, the FUJIFILM X100S's top and base enhance the camera's overall feel and create an impression of solidity and durability.

Durable, high quality leather-look finish

Compared with real leather, synthetic leather is the practical choice that promises resistance to the elements and higher durability.

High quality shutter sound

You can even choose from 4 shutter sounds: “Mirror Up”, “Focal Plane”, “Lens Shutter” or “Silent”.

Metal lens cap

Coordinating with the texture of FUJIFILM X100S's metal body, the aluminum lens cap looks the part and fits snugly thanks to its fabric liner attached to its step-machined inner surface.

Q (Quick menu) button - easy access to all shooting settings

Press the Q (Quick menu) button and skip directly to a choice of ISO sensitivity, Film Simulation and other frequently used shooting menus. Then just use the selector button and the main or sub command dial to choose a menu and make settings even while shooting.

"Made in Japan" - the mark of premium quality

Each and every part of this camera is the product of high precision engineering and the highest quality standards.

Exposure control

At a glance aperture and shutter speed settings

When you hold the camera for a shot, your left hand naturally controls the aperture ring and your right comfortably finds the shutter speed dial. Everything is ideally positioned so you can concentrate on composing your shot. You are in complete control with a choice of aperture priority AE, shutter speed priority AE, program AE and manual exposure control.

Exposure compensation dial

For photographers who always want access to detailed exposure control, the Exposure Compensation Dial is positioned in easy reach of your right thumb for smooth ±2EV adjustment in 1/3EV steps without taking your eye from the viewfinder.

“T” (Time) & “B” (Bulb) Long Exposure Modes

Turn the shutter speed dial to “T”, set a time between 1/2 and 30 seconds (1/3EV steps), and the countdown begins. In “B” mode, you can keep the shutter open for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Easy-to-use AE/AF Lock button

With a touch of the AE/AF Lock button on the back of the camera body, you can lock both exposure and focus for the subject. Using the setup menu, you can also set the button to lock just AE or AF.

Selectable metering modes

From a choice of "MULTI" metering for accurate response to a variety of lighting conditions, "SPOT" metering for precise reading of approximately 2% of image area in the center of the screen, and "AVERAGE" metering for an average exposure setting for the entire scene, you can swiftly select the best metering pattern for your shot.

High performance LCD monitor

2.8-inch, 460K-dot LCD with high contrast, high brightness and the convenience of a wide viewing angle on the LCD, you can view the same image displayed in the electronic viewfinder. You can also switch it to show a simple shooting data display.

Shooting data display

This mode displays numerical values and icons in a large easy-to-view size for an at-a-glance grasp of camera settings. Comfortable stress-free confirmation of shooting data leaves you free to concentrate on framing your shot in the viewfinder.

Aspect ratio

In addition to 3:2 and 16:9, the FUJIFILM X100S expands creative expression with a new 1:1 “square” aspect ratio.

Histogram display

Before shooting, the built-in histogram display provides an at-a-glance confirmation of brightness levels. Together with the exposure compensation dial on the top plate, this tool makes it simple to confirm you have the right exposure setting.

Focus point zoom

Zoom in on the focus point of the captured image to check focal precision, blur, etc.

Electronic horizon levelling gauge

When composing a shot on the generous LCD, the built-in electronic level display makes it easy to align the image with the true horizon.

Playback functions

After shooting, take advantage of the wide array of handy playback functions including shooting data display to review which settings were used when the image was taken, Focus point zoom for zooming in to check focal precision and picture quality, and red eye correction for automatic detection and correction of any red-eye effect in portraits, in-camera, after the shot is taken. Also in the micro thumbnail view, you can display up to 100 thumbnail images on screen at once.

Optional accessories

"Quick Shot" leather case LC-X100S
(sold separately)

A premium quality, genuine leather case that's easy to use and fits the shape of the camera - and your hands - perfectly.

TTL Flash EF-42 / EF-20 / EF-X20
(sold separately)

There are three types of external flash available for the FUJIFILM X100S. With Fujifilm's original high-precision TTL flash technology, you will be in complete control of your flash output.

Lens hood LH-X100
(includes adapter ring)

The lens hood is machined from aluminium. For the attachment of the hood, the cosmetic ring on the tip of the lens must first be removed and the filter adapter ring attached. Here too, in the pursuit of an exquisite balance between the shading function of the hood and its size, every effort was made to achieve compactness. The bayonet-mount structure promises reliability when attached. You can also use the adapter ring to attach commercially available 49mm filters.

Protector filter PRF-49S

The protector filter is designed to protect the lens from dust or dirt. The Super EBC (Electron Beam Coating) of these would control harmful borrowed light effectively. Super EBC is effectively limiting harmful reflections by achieving a surface reflectivity of 0.3% or less.

  • * Adapter ring required

Stereo microphone connector
(external microphone sold separately)

The body is equipped with a microphone connector. Connect the stereo microphone (sold separately) to record audio with enhanced clarity and presence. Adjust the microphone volume level (4 settings) while watching the level meter for optimum audio recording to prevent either loss or distortion.


  • · Sample photos are simulated images.