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Reignite the joy of photography

Take your passion for photography to the next level with unprecedented control and uncompromising image quality in a beautifully designed compact body

The X100S represents the endless pursuit of unparalleled photographic expression. Explore new depths and find a new meaning for your photography!

Commitment to uncompromising image quality

The high-quality FUJINON lens, the larger sensor, and the processor - each element is the product of our commitment to uncompromising quality in every detail. Each exploits the full potential of the other, achieving an optimum balance that enhances their total performance. This is the FUJIFILM way - a development approach that has produced breakthrough after breakthrough in image quality.

FUJIFILM X - the promise of ultimate image quality

Explore new angles of photography

Experience photography with a viewfinder that incorporates the cutting edge of FUJIFILM technology! Through the viewfinder, your eye finds the freedom to compose your shot in a wide field of view and the luxury of a bright, clear view of the scene. Here is the pleasure of focusing on your subject, and the endless fascination of exploring the scene from every angle.

FUJIFILM X - the promise of discovery of a new world through the viewfinder.

Quality & operability - the joy of sharing every moment with your camera

The tactile pleasure whenever you hold it and operate the controls. The delight of its styling with a timeless attraction. Your growing attachment to this instrument every time you venture out together. These are qualities that cannot be measured, and the difference is the passion and experience of Fujifilm

FUJIFILM X - the promise of a camera that transcends the definition of a photographic instrument and opens your senses to a world of possibilities.