United Kingdom

Brillia LH-PCE

A superb long-run, positive working thermal CTP plate for sheet and web offset printing able to achieve extended run lengths of up to 1,000,000 when baked, and suitable for high quality 20μm FM screening applications.

Brillia LH-PCE at a glance:

  • Suitable for long-run sheet and web offset commercial print applications
  • Extended run length of up to one million impressions (baked)
  • Resolution of 1-99% dot at 200 lpi, and suitable for high quality 20μm FM screening applications.

Multigrain technology

A complex grain structure, consisting of primary grain, honeycomb grain and micropores to an aluminium support. This 'multigrain' structure produces synergies that lead to outstanding printing efficiency, faithful tone reproduction, long process life and simple platemaking.

High sensitivity

Brillia LH-PCE plates benefit from a highly sensitive emulsion, which results in minimal laser power requiremed to image the plates and faster platesetter production (platesetter dependent).

Extended run length

Brillia LH-PCE thermal plates benefit from extremely good press performance. The plates will run around 200,000 impressions on press, but when baked, will run around 1,000,000 impressions, which makes them ideal for long run sheet and web offset printing.

Fast and simple processing stages

Brillia LH-PCE can be used with a variety of plate developers which allows great user flexibility and reduces the time taken to switch between plate types. Now there is no requirement to change the developer type when using Brillia LH-PCE.


Developer HD-P8 developer / replenisher
Developer bath life Up to 4 weeks or 2,000 m2
Gauges 0.15, 0.20, 0.30 and 0.40 mm
Laser characteristics Thermal LD 830 nm (800 - 850 nm)
Processor finishing gum FN-6CWE
Replenisher HD-P8 developer / replenisher
Resolution 200 lpi (1 - 99%) and 20?m FM screening
Run length (baked) Up to 1,000,000
Run length (unbaked) Up to 200,000
Safelight environment White: 1 hour UV cut: 2 hours Yellow: 12 hours
Sensitivity 120 - 150 mJ/cm2
UV-ink characteristics (baked) Good
UV-ink characteristics (unbaked) Not recommended