United Kingdom


Powerful, high speed workflow for newspaper production 

Designed specifically for newspaper production, Elara 5 is a scalable, reliable and modular pre-press solution which optimises flexibility, efficiency and productivity. 

  • Suitable for newspapers of all sizes 
  • Speed-up and streamline the entire pre-press process 
  • Highly scalable, reliable and modular system 
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive web-based interface 
  • Continuously growing selection of connecting interfaces 
  • Open architecture for optimum flexibility 
  • 24/7 access to Fujifilm support engineers 
  • Integrated XML plate workflow 
  • Runs on runs on Linux or OSX 

Fast, powerful pre-press workflow management for optimum productivity

By far the fastest newspaper workflow, Elara’s powerful RIP can process up to 1500 PDF pages per hour. By factoring in the capabilities of your production equipment, Elara will run production at the highest possible speed, while guaranteeing efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

Manage the entire pre-press process with one solution

Elara 5 represents a complete system, from PDF to plate, combining all the tools needed to precisely manage newspaper production pre-press in one intuitive, easy-touse solution. Therefore there’s no need to run separate software to take care of RIPing, pre-flighting, ink optimization etc.

Open architecture for maximum flexibility

An open architecture enables in-house developers to quickly and easily integrate existing systems if needed, and the ability to combine third party elements with Elara’s own modules allows you to create a workflow tailor-made to suit the intricacies of your own production requirements.

Multiple site management with no compromise to productivity

Elara 5 has the ability to support multiple print locations from a single cloud-based solution and is capable of supporting up to fifteen CTP devices, providing in-depth progress monitoring and real-time management information at all stages of the process. And, as all production data is mirrored across multiple servers, this guarantees minimal downtime.

Innovation in-built as standard

Not only is Elara fully 64-bit but it also offers RGB-PDF support, multi-RIPing and in-RIP ink optimization, as well as built-in imposition modules which enable both PDF and TIFF to be used in a mix-and-match workflow. Elara’s secure External Portal is optimised to receive print tasks from customers.