United Kingdom

XMF Remote

Online job submission & soft-proofing
for XMF Workflow

XMF Remote adds powerful web browser-based online job submission, previewing, approval and output control to Fujifilm's XMF cross-media workflow. It enables you to expand the range of remote services you offer to your customers, speeding up job handoff, review, correction and turnaround, adding all the functionality of a web portal to your prepress production operation.

XMF Remote at a glance:

  • Customer access via standard web browser
  • Customisable interface to reflect your branding
  • Comprehensive annotation tools for multiple reviewers
  • Automates handling of approved jobs
  • Reduces production errors

Built for speed and efficiency

XMF Remote enables customers to submit jobs online via a fully customisable web portal. Pre-flighting commences as soon as the files are received, with updates to the job status window reflecting this. Online and emailed status reports and alerts ensure that both you and your customers know the progress of any job at any point, speeding up the entire review and sign-off process.

Built for automation and flexibility

With its customer-focus, XMF Remote enables you to increase automation across the board. With XMF Remote, customers arrange, pre-flight and approve the job. Clients can view proofs in the web portal, scrolling and zooming around the latest version of a job while looking at the identical section from a previous version in a window alongside. All approved pages are then instantly and automatically prepped for CTP or digital output, minimising any delays and maximising productivity.

Built to help you add value

XMF Remote can help you to build closer relationships with clients, offering a more sophisticated range of proofing options and more effective ways for clients to visualise the final printed product before it’s created. Our advanced 3D proofing engine creates more realistic ‘virtual’ 3D proofs, alongside improvements to the section proofing which enable you to produce complete job mock-ups on a digital press.

Built for the future

Implementing a web portal such as XMF Remote is the future of print production. As it’s all browser-based, XMF Remote can transform your business into a 24/7 operation. It gets your client more involved with the printing process, taking responsibility for the files throughout the submission and proofing process. XMF Remote is built to help you gain and retain customers, providing a fully integrated solution for today and tomorrow.