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Acuity Advance Select HS X2

The most productive UV printer in the Acuity Advance Select series with 4 or 6 colour channels including white and clear ink options. Dedicated rigid media handling and roll option. X2 version has a 2x bed size of standard HS. Produces high quality print at up to 64.7m2 per hour on a wide range of display and signage materials.

Acuity Advance Select HS X2 at a glance:

  • 4 or 6 channels offering extended colour, white and clear ink options (upgradable)
  • Powerful UV curing system for high speed printing
  • Greyscale printheads for ultimate image quality
  • Fujifilm Uvijet UV curing inks
  • Flatbed design with multi-zoned vacuum table
  • X2 version has a double-size print bed of 2.5 x 3.05m
  • Improved image quality through total print-bed mapping
  • Roll media option available to increase production versatility

Acuity Advance HS flatbeds are the fastest in the Acuity printer range. The Acuity Advance HS offers the perfect combination of print quality, production output and investment cost.
High image quality allows you to produce a variety of close-viewing printed products, including point of sale, indoor signage and industrial applications. The option to print white inks broadens the application range to include clear and coloured materials, and extends your options to deliver high-value, creative work.

4 colour channels plus white

With 2 x cyan, 2 x magenta, 2 x yellow, 2 x black and optional 2 x white channels, the Acuity Advance HS is optimised for productivity and quality.

Uvijet UV inkjet inks

Using Fujifilm's unique Micro-V ultrafine dispersion technology to maximise pigment loading, the Uvijet range of UV curing inks delivers strong vibrant, lightfast colours with greater image quality and superior colour gamut.

High image quality

Greyscale print heads deliver high image quality.

Broad range of media

With UV inkjet technology, Acuity Advance Select can print on a broad range of rigid and flexible materials up to 50.8mm thick, including most display boards and plastics, and the white ink option provides an opportunity to print high value materials like wood, metal, clear and coloured products. The roll option enables you to print a variety of display roll media.

Double-size X2 print bed

The larger size print bed on X2 models has dual registration points which enable you to print at one end whilst setting up at the other for uninterrupted production. It also enables you to produce large images up to 2.5 x 3.05m.

Dedicated flatbed design with roll option

The dedicated flatbed design ensures accurate registration even on multiple pass edge-to-edge printing. A roll media printing option is available.

Zoned vacuum table

Up to 3 variable vacuum zones, that can be tailored to the media sizes you frequently print. The strength of the vacuum is adjustable to provide optimum handling for different materials.