United Kingdom

Generate Brand sympathy with Instax

Instax has become an important product within the promotional and Events arena. Have you realised the effect of an Instax print? Without saying a word, an instant photo captures a special moment. An instant photo is authentic, sympathetic and creates emotion.

The Instax print is the perfect tool to communicate and create interaction between your brand and your target audience. By using photoflyers'exclusive adhesive frames the Instax print instantly becomes branded with your brand which creates brand sympathy and captures the attention of your target audience. Because of the personal link between the image and your brand, a strong recolletion is generated between the user and your brand. Photoflyer frames are delivered in a self-assembly kits which are easy to implement and intergrate across all campaigns. Generate high conversion rates in sales and traffic through exclusive discount vouchers, coupon codes etc.

For more information: www.photoflyer.co.uk

    Photoflyers are used at:

  • Events
  • Promotions and Point of Sale
  • Product launches
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Sponsorships