United Kingdom


A single-slot CR system with optionally available 50-micron spatial resolution and the same footprint and throughput as its predecessor the CAPSULA XL.

Introducing a recently upgraded FCR CAPSULA XLII designed with a new form and equipped with state-of-the-art functions including an optional capability of 50-micron reading with a single-side HR-IP


Extensive worldwide experience increases confidence in FCR Compact frame and vertical cassette insertion for effective use of available space Compact size with high efficiency workflow.

In spite of its size the FCR CAPSULA XLII enables extremely high throughput of up to approx. 94IPs/hr.* and the time to display the image on the CR Console is approx. 23 seconds.

All-in-one unit for all diagnostic imaging needs

FCR CAPSULA XLII can be optionally upgraded for 50-micron reading with the single-side HR-IP and new IP cassettes type CH to visualise more fine and minute structures for mammography** and paediatric imaging. In addition, three types of IP cassettes (Type CC, LC & CH) can be used for various imaging needs, as well as OPG examinations (15 x 30 cm).


* 35 x 35 cm size on high-speed mode
** Not available in the US and Canada. In other countries, follow the local applicable regulations and guidelines.