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Stereotactic Biopsy Unit

Accurate and efficient stereotactic biopsy.

Stereotactic biopsy examination with high resolution -50µm pixel pitch

The AMULET f is a full field digital mammography system which employs a direct conversion X-ray sensor panel. It is equipped with Fujifilm's proprietary Direct Optical Switching Technology and a double layer of a-Se. This combination of material and technology enables image capturing at industry's finest* 50 micron pixel pitch and with lower electronic noise simultaneously. This unique panel also realizes high DQE resulting in excellent image quality and reduction of X-ray dose. When this AMULET f is used along with the optional Stereotactic Biopsy Positioner, it enables accurate and reliable procedure with high resolution images.

* As of January, 2012

Easy positioning of patients

Flexible positioning of tube and detector from -90° to +90° is available. Ergonomically designed arm rests and disposable soft pads help to make patients more comfortable.

It is possible to review previous examinations on the system for more accurate initial positioning. The Referral Image Viewing function requests and displays images of previous examinations stored in the PACS and makes positioning easy.

Targeting support functions / Safety functions

  • High resolution dual display system, targeting guide function on stereo images, various image processing and other useful functions make targeting accurate and easy.*1
  • An indication of needle depth within the breast is provided on the Biopsy device.*2
  • (This function helps prevent the needle from accidentally damaging the exposure table.)
  • Target position is shown via a diagram on the display screen. After determination of the target position, fine adjustment of the Z coordinate is possible.*3

Lateral approach (optional)

By attaching the lateral adapter, puncture can be performed not only vertically but also laterally to the compressed breast. Two puncture directions are now available, enabling wider application of mammographic needle biopsy.

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  • This product can be used in combination with AMULET f or AMULET.