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FDR Xair

FDR Xair is a portable x-ray unit with a lightweight, compact design.

FDR Xair is Fujifilm's portable x-ray unit for unconventional and challenging healthcare environments.

Fujifilm's award-winning FDR Xair has an ultralight, compact design which offers a portable solution for imaging in challenging environments and unconventional medical settings, including community healthcare, first responders in field situations, and emergency imaging.

Used in combination with a D-EVO II detector, a laptop console and a support stand, the FDR Xair utilises Fujifilm's advanced software and processing to deliver essential imaging services in diverse locations. Every component of the system can be operated wirelessly for true portability in any location.

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Light and Compact

Excellent portability for the next generation of health services.

Designed to be transported and operated by a solo radiographer for remote imaging outside of a hospital setting.

Integrated hand switch mounted within the casing and attached with a flexible cable for secure handling.

Range of support stands available for different imaging requirements.

All component parts of the system pack away into a single flight case or carry case for safe transit.


User-friendly interface and simple button operation for controlling x-ray parameters.

Lithium battery on full charge supports up to 100 image acquisitions, for operation in environments without access to electricity.

Fully wireless system and WiFi functionality for true portability.

Component Elements

Laptop console - image processing is managed on the Fujifilm laptop console.

Detector - the FDR D-EVO II is an advanced detector that achieves high-resolution imaging at low dose. 

Supporting stands - a range of support stands are available for different usage requirements. Please note a support stand is a required component for use in the UK.

Carry cases - flight case or carry case for safe transit of all component parts.

FDR D-EVO II Detector

Higher sensitivity achieved by advanced reading technology “ISS system”

A combination of a columnar crystal CsI scintillator* with Fujifilm’s “ISS system” enables the suppression of energy attenuation and light scattering and achieves higher resolution imaging at low X-ray doses, leading to the level of DQE 54% (approx. 1Lp/mm, 1mR) and MTF 80% (approx. 1Lp/mm, 1mR).

Image Processing Technology

Virtual Grid ™ Provides a high-contrast image without using a physical grid

Virtual Grid is image processing software that corrects for the effects of scatter radiation that otherwise reduce image contrast and clarity. Without the need for an anti-scatter grid, this software quickly creates high quality images.*

Dynamic Visualization II ™

Advanced recognition algorithms automatically adjust contrast and density for individual body parts based on calculation of estimated 3D image data.*

* Optional

The innovative design of Fujifilm's FDR Xair device has been recognised with a number of prestigious international awards: