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United Kingdom


Syncro-Dose is a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing patient radiation exposure across different imaging modalities. It allows for the optimisation of radiological procedures and acquisition protocols, is a tool for supporting clinical audits and provides a comprehensive patient dosimetric history.

General and specific dashboards track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure productivity, achieve quality assurance and support quality of care.

  • Collection of exposure parameters and dosimetric index of the DR, MG, CT and XA modalities, from any PACS system.
  • Extraction of information through:
               o   RDSR DICOM files (Radiation Dose Structured Report).
               o   DICOM header of the images.
               o   OCR (Optical Recognition Character) analysis of the dose report.

  • Creation of the dosimetric history of the patient.
  • Support for the optimisation of radiological procedures and acquisition protocols.
  • Support for the execution of clinical audits.
  • Communicating the information relating to a patient’s radiation exposure within the clinical report.
  • Standardisation of the Description Study and Protocol fields.
  • Application of correction factors to the machine data.
  • Privacy management (Blanking tool/ Anonymisation).
  • Management of Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs) with fixed value (e.g. ICRP) or with dynamic mode (local DRL).
  • Alert system in case the thresholds are exceeded.
  • Advanced search with free configurable filters.
  • Print and export information in the most common formats.
  • Graphical and tabular representation of the following information for each modality type:

              o   Scatter Time Plot
              o   Scatter Age Plot
              o   Acquisition Type Distribution
              o   Dosimetric Index Distribution
              o   Age / Gender Distribution
              o   Scan Length Distribution (for CT examinations only)
              o   Breast Thickness Distribution (for Mammography examinations only)
              o   Compression Force Distribution (for Mammography examinations only)
              o   Box Plot Diagram by study description, by protocol, by age and by target region