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CD-R Digital Photos

Specially developed CD-R for Digital Photo archiving.

Fujifilm has developed a new CD-R for Digital Photos with a black protection shield. It provides extremely effective protection of the recording layer against ultra-violet and solar radiation. Fujifilm CD-R for Digital Photos is an ideal solution for storing your precious photo image and long time archiving.

UV Protection Shield
Fujifilm black protection shield cuts off the wavelength at less than 700nm. This means that its shield protects the recording layer against ultraviolet and solar radiation.
According to our accelerated test with a Xenon arc lamp based on ISO standard (ISO 105-B04), Fujifilm CD-R for Digital Photos offers 10 times higher protection against the degradation of reflected laser beams caused by sunlight. It has also been confirmed that Fujifilm CD-R for Digital Photos have a stable block error rate
under direct sunlight. The excellent reflection and block error rate ensure high and long-termrecording& playback performance.

Sunlight and heat resistance
Fujifilm phthalocyanine dye resists sunlight and heat better than cyanine dye due to its high-molecular structure. It is also ideal for long-term archiving and many playbacks in CD players and drives.

Digital picture capacity
Fujifilm CD-R for Digital Photos stores more than 200 high quality pictures taken by digital camera with 6 million pixels and fine mode. The number of pictures depends on the type of subject and camera.

High speed performance up to 52x
Fujifilm CD-R for Digital Photos ensures highly stable writing performance for a wide range of CD-R writer speeds: i.e. up to high-speed 52x.