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CD-R 700 MB 52x Multispeed.

FUJIFILM has successfully produced a new CD-R product with extra suberb read-write quality, reliability and durability by using new developed advanced organic dye in the recording layer.

FUJIFILM's new CD-R has achieved an extremely low error rate and a wide perfomance range. It is capable of satisfying the range of writing conditions used by current CD-R writer devices. As a result, teh new CD-R guarantees highly stable writing perfomance for a wide range of speeds of CD-R writer devises. i.e. 1x to high-speed 52x.

FUJIFILM CD-R has achieved not only stable hight speed write/read performance but also excellent reliability characteristics.
Aging test under high temperature and high humidity shows stable error ratio over 1.000 hours ( more than 100 years storage under room condition). Light resistance test shows stable error ratio over 100 days under daylight outside.

Now also available in handy slim case for more convenient handling and storing